Top 12 sink/swim


Happy Holidays and I wish you all luck in this world! Time to go show em what I got with my opportunity for an internship with an accounting firm in Baltimore (Lovely place btw), I will be back at the end of April and hoping to see a new speed 4 world with 8 hour sieges so I can return to play. Hope you all have your fun here, sad to walk away but gotta give this opportunity my everything and as tempting as it is to try to balance Grepo, I really don't want to be sneaking onto my phone for this game, which I know I would do if I didn't walk away now.

Good luck everyone, and don't worry ill be back in 4 months, this game needs a villain ;)



i played ikariam for years and still have one account in german, problem with ikariam, its like farmville, no conquest mode, you never lose cities. Just occupy n shiet
wait really? lol then idk if i will play this.. i need a game where you fight for cities :(