Top 12 Swim orr Sinkk

Looks like Witch made a new account lol.

So you merged most of your largest players into your main two branch to retake the #1 spot from HOP? Not really sure how that impacts us or why we'd care. But okay, good on you. You keep shuffling players and trying to cling to the #1 spot. We'll keep taking towns. I'd say its an absolutely beneficial deal for us.


Well I was told that you live in your own little dream world . But I hardly believed it.

All those brash predictions . You should sort your branches out . Oh you did .. Oh crap what can I pontificate about now . You should not sort your branches out !. GOT IT DAN ..

Anything else Dan/ Penciil is ready and poised .

Dan make your mind up son .. My head is spinning with the dizzying speed at which you attempt to cover your tracks. LOTR are on their last leg . Lotr are crippled because we ate the Plague players that Serpans betrayed and abandoned . I thnik this I think that . It is always MY bla bla bla.

Lotr are doing this wrong Lotr are doing that wrong . Lotr have no right to exist .

I am Dan I have spoken and I am going to scream and scream and scream and hold my breath and stamp my delicate little feet until LOTR do as I say .. Sob... Why wont they do as I say ??

Humility and a wry admission when you have been caught with your pants down blowing smoke out of your orifices does not figure high on your list of MUST GET skills does it.

I will have a little look at :- Cities controlled ;Stage of wonders preparations ; Island occupation density; Top fighters; Top players ; Core clustering and when I find one that you are in better shape I will tell you .

Until then forgive us if we regard your pontificating as lacking something .

Obectivity Balance Authority . Belief .

Apart from that son . Great job . Totally on the money

Whispered aside " we dont like Dan to get over execited

Yes Dan

Ein Booty Ein Cult Ein 113 Server

Yes darling ... Very nice ....


Looks like Witch has run off to VM. Guess LOTR is on its last leg now. ;)

Is this STILL what you guess Mr Oracle DAn ? Since when is having a half term holiday with one's family running off to VM ??

Silly me you are unlikely to have had a Girlfriend yet never mind family responsibility .. Forget I asked.


Bear in mind we broke an entire ocean/front and made them quit earlier its a lot easier to take cities when you've completely broken one of their groups. Now they've just seemed to have LTSed themselves in order to deal with HOP or something. That said, we still took 6 LOTR cities yesterday.

Can you clarify ? What ocean front where ? Which group are you talking about ? The plague members abandoned by Serpans that you would have eaten anyway? Who did you make quit ? What entire Ocean ( or front )

You do talk some self aggrandizing rubbish don't you ? I am only new but even I can see you would not make a reliable witness.


What city /

Oh Mouthy M1zra's city ?

I will not be predicting a stream of takes .. to follow.

After all you have the Market Lead in brash predictions - I could not possibly hope to compete.


O65, O55, O64, now winning in O54.

Congrats on taking city two off of us. Shame that I don't think the guy doing it will be around too long.
O65, O55, O64, now winning in O54.

Congrats on taking city two off of us. Shame that I don't think the guy doing it will be around too long.

Is this not the wife of a man whom you accused of cheating for using a shared internet connection ( which is fully within the rules )

The wife of the man who was A deluded fool when he joined us. B You were wrong about that after he joined you C Then he was a cheat and a fool again after you had absorbed the team of players he brought to you ?

AM I alone in finding that a tad convenient ?

Danny Boy / the only consistent thing about you is that you are consistently a dissimulating guy with the sincerity of a Hyena .

I suspect that this world is about to cease being the jolly jaunt through the baby seal grounds that you have enjoyed so far. Next up is the Pod of LOTR ORCA .. - Did no-one ever warn you to be careful what you wish for. ?
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Lol I'm not gonna get into a debate on it with you. Believe what you wanna believe and we'll continue to stick to our guns based on what we read from the player on skype that day. Personally, I believe a guy like you needs any little victory he can get and that it wouldn't matter to you even if I was completely right and allowed to prove it here. You wouldn't do a thing so long as the player keeps playing for you. guys break one siege in an event and pick up one disgraced player who takes a city for you and suddenly you're acting like you don't need a mountain of LTS to protect yourselves and that you're the driving force behind LOTR. If Needle is your only form of actual offense, then fine. If you wanna believe that he's telling you the truth, then go for it, he'll only disappoint you at some point. If he takes a few cities then that's great at least the score will look like less of a blow out and maybe he can play rabbit for us and give us an incentive to stay interested. Because in all honesty, this has gotten so stale that we can use something to spice it up.

As for whether or not I have the sincerity of a hyena. You guys are the ones who told us repeatedly that we weren't relevant. And overextended yourselves into our ocean. You've droned on and on about the rim and about how you'd crush us if we started in the core. To be fair, I didn't really care coming in who was the best or who won this world. I just wanted to play with friends and have some decent fights.

But you've trash talked us since day one and the fight has been so poor that now I do have a stake in the world. If for some reason our side is on the outside looking in for the World Wonders race. We'll offer to join the next best side even if they have you so far beat that it's overkill for us to do so. Just as an insurance policy and simply on the grounds that no team as trash as yours deserves to win. I genuinely believe that everyone else on this server has out preformed you in every way shape or form and has done it while being more genuine and polite towards us and well frankly everyone else, and therefore deserves to win more than you.

So bring on this LOTR ORCA pod of empty promises and disappointment and when that fails and you've failed to beat us or even make up any significant ground on us. Just know, that we'll be enjoying you lose in both all of your serious wars and the world itself.


Hold on a minute Danny Boy.

Exactly what part of we will let the Game moderators pass judgement on that matter do you
A Do not understand
B Find fault with ?

Are you convinced that you fly above the Game Moderators as well as everyone else/

God you describe yourself .?? . Perhaps more accurate description a God Awful big mouth..

Any rational unbiased reading back confirms all the extravagant claims to date have been yours .not ours.

All this so called trash talking stems from you not us.

You honestly believe ?? Please dont be so cruel this statement makes me laugh so much it is painful .

You Wide Boy Dan the petulant Child Man . You HONESTLY believe?

Do me a favor . The unlimited bile you conjure up simply because we will not do as you say it is pathetic .

Do you really think we give a flying Flapjack what you are or are not going to do ?

I can understand why my Boss CBA to contest his lifetime Ban from externals .. Indeed why he advised me strongly not to enter this branch of the Media.

it is interesting how he got banned for telling the truth - while others like you avoid censure producing endless streams of misleading or untruthful posts.


CC - your own founder admitted that LoTR does not play with cheats, out of respect for your leader I assume he has not seen you've taken in Needle yet. I suspect once he is aware that that is the second account needle will be removed. If not - I honestly expected more of you. Perhaps I was wrong to.


Listen my friend . It is against Forum rules to flare and hammer on about cheats. It is against German privacy laws to share conversations.

Such actions resulted in a life time ban from externals for The seventh Son of Satan .

Moderators and Support make the decisions about what is or is not within their rules. Not you and not I. and not W G .

It is not to fair to embroil him in this .

Apart from the comment " I don't like Kangaroo Courts " WG told me he has nothing to offer on this subject.

A subject that did not really bother you until he set up in opposition to you .

You state your opinions as if they were facts - They are not. In fact the whole history of your group and its Oracle like pontifications and predictions show an alarming gap between what you state and actual fact. This is no different.
CC - your own founder admitted that LoTR does not play with cheats, out of respect for your leader I assume he has not seen you've taken in Needle yet. I suspect once he is aware that that is the second account needle will be removed. If not - I honestly expected more of you. Perhaps I was wrong to.
with all disrespect I dont care about your opinion.
1) Pandas Co- Appear to be in the drivers seat to win the world. But with LOTR dying off and CH going down, it'll be time for HOP/CR vs Pandas Co in its fullest. SWIM.

2) House of Pain/Chaos Returns- Second for the wonders in my opinion after the Skeleton Crew merger. I believe they'll make it dead even by swallowing their pride and asking LOTR to merge. SWIM.

3) Lords of the Rim Group- They've pretty much lost any bite they had. Now spends its time simming, annoying its own players, LTSing its front line towns to avoid anymore losses, and trying to break LMD sieges. SINK.

4) The Booty Warrior Cult-
I think I did an okay job. Though sadly, no longer among the big major wonder players. That is on me. On the bright side, we're back to our original purpose. Fighting and enjoying each other's company.

5) Cry Havoc- Masters in the art of ticking off their enemies...and their allies. SINK. (For anyone that cares about why we're attacking them, the answer is in the spoilers below)

One of their leaders threatened TBWC when we tried to help them and took a gamble that we cared more about our wonders than being challenged...they were dead wrong and after experiencing apathy towards the situation from the other CH leaders. We ended the pact and decided to air out our frustrations. Moving to 1-0 now. Shout out to @GrepoMeta for being right and me being wrong on this one.

6) Assassins Order- A group that'll probably be recruited by either Pandas or HOP as a feeder in the last month. FLOAT.

Pretty much on the same par as Assassins Order. FLOAT.

8) Legion XIII-
An unfortunate group that's too far away to be of use to HOP or Pandas. So they'll be eaten by TBWC. FLOAT.

9) Last Stand Brigade-
They exist. ???.

10) War of Kings-
Good allies. SWIM.

The world is in the late stages. So there isn't really anyone worth talking about past this point. Thanks for reading!