Top 12 Swim orr Sinkk

Mr. Trump

1) Pandas Co- Appear to be in the drivers seat to win the world. But with LOTR dying off and CH going down, it'll be time for HOP/CR vs Pandas Co in its fullest. SWIM.

2) House of Pain/Chaos Returns- Second for the wonders in my opinion after the Skeleton Crew merger. I believe they'll make it dead even by swallowing their pride and asking LOTR to merge. SWIM.

3) Lords of the Rim Group- They've pretty much lost any bite they had. Now spends its time simming, annoying its own players, LTSing its front line towns to avoid anymore losses, and trying to break LMD sieges. SINK.

4) The Booty Warrior Cult-
I think I did an okay job. Though sadly, no longer among the big major wonder players. That is on me. On the bright side, we're back to our original purpose. Fighting and enjoying each other's company.

5) Cry Havoc- Masters in the art of ticking off their enemies...and their allies. SINK. (For anyone that cares about why we're attacking them, the answer is in the spoilers below)

One of their leaders threatened TBWC when we tried to help them and took a gamble that we cared more about our wonders than being challenged...they were dead wrong and after experiencing apathy towards the situation from the other CH leaders. We ended the pact and decided to air out our frustrations. Moving to 1-0 now. Shout out to @GrepoMeta for being right and me being wrong on this one.

6) Assassins Order- A group that'll probably be recruited by either Pandas or HOP as a feeder in the last month. FLOAT.

Pretty much on the same par as Assassins Order. FLOAT.

8) Legion XIII-
An unfortunate group that's too far away to be of use to HOP or Pandas. So they'll be eaten by TBWC. FLOAT.

9) Last Stand Brigade-
They exist. ???.

10) War of Kings-
Good allies. SWIM.

The world is in the late stages. So there isn't really anyone worth talking about past this point. Thanks for reading!
nah pandas are not front runners to win... any ally with me will always win... im a god