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How to take cities from Fiasco.

Do not conduct proper ops cause then everybody gets of their bums and starts defending and we lose a grand total of zero cities.

Instead revolt one or two cities, cause the everybody is like someone else will send def and no ones ends up sending. Lol love you guys.
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When Last Stand hits and we get to defend from the Goat World Coalition (I thought everyone was against mass hugging? Guess not) itll be glorious. Fiasco shall be returned to its prime. Everyone awake at 2am yelling in discord to save Nutz' behind and getting through with only 1 revolt. The sense of camaraderie as we weather the storm together. Ahhh it shall be a fine 2 weeks.

or itll be a disappointment like the rest of this goat war. My money is on the latter


Congratulations on the victory FU, you have earned it.

SG / TBG have given us SONS a tough fight, can not say it equaled when you were far outnumbered, but we showed our fighting spirit.

Thank you for the fight to all of you, it has been an exciting server, and continue to have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.