Top 12 v2


1. Victrix
We all know that they have won four worlds in a row, and have a formidable lineup, they lead O54 by over 100k points and have 47 more cities than 2nd in their ocean, I am giving this one an obvious swim
2. The Elite
They look a good shout to be 2nd however they do how Spartan Alliance to contend with in 44, that looks to be a source of conflict almost certainly after BP ends. No real slackers in this squad either, so if they dispatch Spartan which will be hard, they can get organised and start pushing into 54
The first alliance to have a sister that I know of, this alliance seems to have good leadership, however in O55 they have real contenders against them, if they can do some good diplomacy then they can do well, however if it turns out an all v them, I doubt their main alliance will stick with their feeder
Giving this one a float rn
4.Written in Blood
When the world came out, everyone was moaning about how many pacts they were going to do, even though if they did pacts they are still a solid alliance, dominating 45, with their whole alliance in there, I’m giving this one a swim rn
5. Light,
Sadly, I think this one is a massive sink, due to their alliance profile and positioning, I see a few good players in their roaster but unless they do some good dip, they will likely get eaten up in 54. Sink
6. Spartan Alliance,
This looks like a premade, I think, they have a likely war about to happen as I mentioned in 2. Some very good players in there, notably T y r, I’m giving this a float due to their low average points in 44
7. Errors Ammended
When I saw the numbers of members that they had, I was very impressed, 29 can either be a good or bad thing depending how the leadership plays it. They are in the bloodbath which is O55, but if they do some dip, which I doubt they will do considering their profile, they can have an outcome in this ocean.
8. Olog-Hai
Looks some sort of a premade or not, can’t quite tell, they have a YouTube in their profile, looks more like a PR stunt to me, as they haven’t got anything listed on their profile, I can’t quite tell what their objective is, apart from the Jan 13 thing. Both Chuckey and Mole, are in it. So they will have a good presence of the forums. Giving this a float.
Gave up after this. Feel free to add your top 12


Looks like this is the top 12 thread now. lol. Let me show you how it is done @Roastinator ;)

1. Victrix/ Ferreta. The team that everyone wants to avoid. And for good reason. They have a very scary team with the track record to back it up. They've also got a good core and the gold to back it up. Easy Russet. No debate.

2. The elite. A very MRAy name with a very MRAy core and a very MRAy roster. I think these guys are going to sink very quickly. Way to spread out to survive. Mashed.

3. Order66. Commander Cody. It is time. Initiate order 66. I'm tempted to give these guys a pass just because star wars is good. But, I feel like they do deserve some scrutiny. First this teams leadership seams very messy. I cannot stress this point enough. Its like these guys are in a separate alliance. There core seems slightly better but they still have scatterings in 54 and 45 with the vast majority of there players being in 55. They might be able to hold on for a little while just because most of there players are in 55 and because they have no immediate threats. But, due to lack of competent leaders it has to be a peeled then mashed.

4/9. Written in gold blood. Sorry. I needed to fit in a coiner joke in somewhere and this was the best place to do it ;) Bloods have just come out of Amphipolis which was a pretty bad server for them. And before that I'm pretty sure they came out of Istros where they lost to vics. So, coming into this server bloods don't exactly have the greatest history behind them. But, lets focus on the now shall we? Over all they have a very strong core with a solid sister to boot. If i were to put them in a war between vics I think that vics would win. This is mostly due to vics better record compared to bloods and the fact that they can bring more gold into a fight. So, it will be up to bloods diplomacy to see how they gain an advantage in that war. But, they have no real threats as of now so its a Russet from me.

5. Spartan Alliance. I'm pretty sure almost every server has at least one alliance with Spartans in the name. Truth be told I'm sick and tired of it. This team is one of the teams competing for 44 and they have a pretty decent core as well. They may face some early issues from vics if they decide to expand into 44. Over all this team has no wars to speak of yet so its very hard to tell how well they will operate under pressure. Unfortunately I don't recognise many names either but they do have some good fighters so I'll give them that. But, I think these guys will do fine for now so they'll get a Russet.

6. Errors amended. Anyone who thinks this bunch of idiots will get anywhere is probably part of some Insanity forever. In all seriousness these guys have excellent potential a group of aggressive fighters and could really shake things up. That along with a solid early core gives them a Russet from me.

7. Grepo Greats. GG. First of all I remember that PfP from Istros. Not sure if its due to similar leaders but if it is well then these guys may be in some trouble (did i just take a shot at myself? :O). But, they are spread across 55 and 54 with a not very good core. This means they will likely be among vics first targets. So, its gonna be a mashed from me.

8. The potato collective.

What hash this world come to? When we were just wee little tots we looked upon this as a spectater and felt a spudden sense of wonder. Now all we see is saddness. We are here tubern all in front of us and plant the seeds of a new tomorrow. This is the starch of a new day and we will get to the root of the situation and we will raise our Potato arms and declare “This Spuds for you.”

For all your Potato Needs, Contact the Spudmaster himself: VladimirVonEire

I would say we're mashed. But, Dozer doesn't like mashed potatoes.

10. Light. Let there be light. These guys are dead. They have most there cities in the two oceans with the arguably strongest pre-mades. Mashed.

11. Another team spread out in 54 and 44. If they can move into 44 its a peeled. But, I doubt they will. So, I think its a very likely Mashed.

12. Pandemonium. This is another team in 54. They have a slightly better core than others but it doesn't matter. They will be dead the moment vics look at them. Mashed.

And thats my top 12. its pretty obvious that my energy levels decline as these go on :D I hope you enjoyed reading.