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The rawr

you 2 must be dumb as 2 rocks :)

firstly i dont give a flying crap if this is EN server or not, i wrote it like that because i wanted to flame only serbs, so what you think or say means absolutely nothing as it always does.

secondly i have been in the world since day 1 and i know pretty much everything that is going on.

third smildon was right, i have played with balkan team in the past and i can attest to how many holes and crap players they have, so what pete says about them "kicking me off my high horse" is a joke considering im more active than about 90% of their team not to mention that about half of them dont even use alarm during the day... no need to speak about night alarm..
Lethal-Bacon - What is your IGN here? Tell me if you have the power to back your words. I am inviting you openly to come near me and fight it out in the game. I will give you a 5 day pass of no-attack on your new cities near me. None of my alliance-mates will attack or touch you, I will RIM you alone. I have done this before with WHG, done this with many crappy so called self-proclaimed fake legends. Most of them just talk, but in reality they never been in a real war.

My list of respectable players in Grepolis is huge too. Many real legends are in and many soon-to-be. You are nowhere near that list. You break under the first smallest pressure and quit every single time. You talk big game but well, you do nothing about it except crying. Even when you got a real tremendous good team with Lion, mighty brothers, Chags etc, you just never knew how to lead which results in more crying and quiting drama of yours again and again. Tell me what is the last world you made a good impression?

You again want me to get your past histories here since Byblos? I didnt even knew your name before Byblos man. I know people call you Poodle Bacon, I think the most appropriate would be Bacon Fry, because you will be fried soon.

I am openly challenging you in externals, do you have the heart to accept it? If yes, shut the heck up here and come near me in game and show me and everyone else what you got. I always remember you as a quitter and whiner. You cry a lot man. Stop crying once for god's sake and play real Grepolis.

Now for Balkans. I am not sure with what team you have played before but the team here with whom I am in, they are top class and I feel myself pretty low in terms of gaming skills compare to many of them. And when I say this, I say this with absolute respect and honesty. I am lucky to be a part of this team and I know what we are capable of in our peak. No one wants to hear your pathetic crying about something which you have got no clue at all.

I suggest you as a friend, please concentrate on what you know best and don't make foolish comment on the externals in front of everyone and justify the name Poodle Bacon. And you know, to reply to your comments, I do have to come to your level first which is pretty disgusting for me. So no more reply from me on this Bacon. You can jump, cry, eat grass, grow bananas, throw shirts, tear your hair, you will not get another reaction from me at all on this. Players who do not respect their fellow players in this game and talk like that, there is a special name for them which suits you perfectly.

Good luck Bacon and in case if you accept my challenge, message me in game in a civilized way. You will be served.


congratulations, you called out a gold trader that just returned from the VM into fighting me alone when you have what? 6 cities and been playing since day 1 ?

and don't worry about who i am.. i am exactly where i need to be to farm your players and grow until my size is enough to accept your "challenge" of 1v1, even tho i know that you cant do crap because you always hide and cover behind a top/large premade with lots of players that do the heavy lifting while you sim and practically do nothing of any fighting lol

when i get my chance to grow il fight your entire team, not only you, so until then keep your big mouth shut because im starting to play this world for real.

The rawr

I gold traded here for first 2 weeks. I had no growth, no real playing mentality before I got accepted inside Balkans. I almost quit when an old friend saved me and then something happened which made this world very relevant to me, so bang.

See Bacon, stop this non sense with words. You will never be able to come to our level here even if you spend entire gold trash and RL Money. This game in alliance level doesn't consist of only gold and brute force city grab, It also consists of many strategical movements which you have no idea at all. Hence you made that unrealistic comment. Which proves my entire point again.

Why you are again hiding behind your words. You need more no-attack days, I will give it to you. 10 days seems enough? 15 ? Come near me, I will show you some anchors and even help you get new cities by clearing them as well. Promise, no one will touch you except me before and after the said no-attack days are over.

I still dont know your In game name Bacon. So a legend like Lethal-Bacon is hiding behind a new name which he is afraid to spell out over the externals but have no shame in throwing non-sense and make insults still. You should know this when I gave you my word, no one will touch you in game from Balkans except me. Don't be an afraid Poodle Bacon. Be a fearless bacon which is lethal and give your IGN at least?

Oh! and for the record, if you even think or try to cross paths against Balkans here in alliance-level, you will be in a shock for at least a year. I do love you as a friend Bacon, don't want you to be traumatize for that long. Hence I called you out for 1x1. Think about it, sleep on it and let me know about it in 24 hours in game and prove that you are not a coward.
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See Bacon, stop this non sense with words. You will never be able to come to our level here even if you spend entire gold trash and RL Money. This game in alliance level doesn't consist of only gold and brute force city grab, It also consists of many strategical movements which you have no idea at all. Hence you made that unrealistic comment. Which proves my entire point again.
you got to be kidding me hahahahaha. i got asked to join that balkan crew before the world even opened by a friend that was joining them, and inside of first few days in the world while trading because other people insde there recommended me LOL

in fact i never guy gold, its all in activity and growth, so rank actually does mean a lot.. maybe not to you since you sim and eat internals or whatever you tell yourself you do.. you clearly have no idea what you are speaking of, just ranting of random stuff so im gonna stop wasting my time in responding to you and just play the game and meet your team later for a front war that im not really scared off... and thanks to all the bp i get from farming your team members with my 55 city lol

The rawr

Ok then! Everyone please now stop this non-sense word war here. This is Top-12 thread. I do not even know where the Mods are.

For god's sake use English when you are on an EN server forum even if you want to call out a special region based group. It's actually not polite to have long conversation like this in public when majority present in this forum doesn't get a clue what going on without translator.

Someone please do a Top-12 and make this thread back on track.


je li realno da Balkanci igraju ulogu agresora, idemo u natooooo? moraju da se udruze sa jos 5 alijansi i onda se hvale na sav glas?
a stidite se, ja sa balkana jesam a takve p***** kao vi, ne bih nazvao balkancima.
Balkan boyz and sister
bad with name and sister
free hugs
i ko zna ko jos....
uvucite im se u supak i bjezite od borbe. pih.
sta je rekao Milos Obilic na tajnoj veceri? videcemo ko ce se prodati. kad nemate obraza da igrate nezavisno, prodali ste guzicu...
stidite se guzice.
edit: i play with them for several years(win or loose, its a game, but we are playing it), ..before you made a team, so think before saying anything stupid.
Ne znam sta nas slatke zecice uvlacis u ovu raspravu


I agree, while it might be funny watching you kids juking it out on the forums, I am noticing a surprising lack in top 12's being posted

If you could kindly move your dispute to another thread, I will get making some more popcorn (and maybe google translator), kick back and watch your drama unfold elsewhere and have my top 12's to read as well


Bold prediction: Plague won't win Himera, real shocker I know. Turns out their leader couldn't #PutDownTheBottle in time to not lose it mentally, big shame.