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It still amazes me that people continue to join Just for Laughs. Charlie has lost every single server that he has led Just for Laughs in. He did get lucky on Imbros, but I won't count that as his win because he gave leadership to another person and it was a speed 1. He realizes that he stands no chance of winning this server, so he has recruited every single bot user to try and boost his chances. Thankfully JFL members are finally starting to jump off that sinking ship


Tark's Extremely uninformed top 12.

Completely unaware of Pacts and Naps so throw any incorrect comments out the window on this basis.

1. Alien Abduction. Very strong core area with area 51 in the north of 55 and edging into 45 and 54. Had a big jump in points, looking strong. From what I've found on the stats, most cities these guys are losing are internals. The last city they lost to someone other than themselves was on the 8th April. Taking a few cities off Send Noots and PBS each over the last few days too. AA Alone taking 22 total cities yesterday, a handful of internals brings this total down but good progress. Being bang in the centre of the map could cost them late game, or could allow for massive amounts of growth. If they keep together they'll have a solid shot at winning. Time will tell! SWIM

Send Noots. Made some good progress to move up the rankings over the last few weeks, but Rank 4 on the fighting list. Having a decent position in the north east gives them a nice safe zone behind them, unlike AA. They are having a fair swap of cities with PBS, unaware of any pact here. If not, could be an interesting fight. However no gain against AA. As Noots are progressing west, they are likely to find themselves fighting Strange Dynamic. As of yet no takeovers that I've found on this, this could push Noots higher or cause them issues. FLOAT for now.

3. Area 51 (see 1)

4. Just for Laughs. So far, so good. Strong fighting ability putting themselves at the top of the fighters, attackers and defenders lists. Losing only 10 cities in total. Taking 27 cities in 1 day was quite impressive. JFL have been taking cities in double figures constantly for weeks now. As good as this is, a lack of picking up cities against the bears, compared to expected, may cause them trouble later on, being sandwiched in between AA and Bears could cost them in the coming weeks. Overall strong fighters and all experienced players, if they keep their heads, they'll be another contender for this world. SWIM

Baby Krakens. I know absolutely nothing about these guys, but here goes. Having only lost 3 cities to outside alliances, this is some strong defence however a lack of conquest against stronger alliances tells me there's not a lot of fighting going on and they will be struggling for BP and slots in the near future. They do have a strong presence in their area but will soon run out of food to sustain their growth. They will face quite a test when they are forced to fight No Mercy or AA with them becoming ever closer on the map. FLOAT but eventually SINK

Silly Rabbits. After looking at the data from the past week, they've been losing a fair few cities to the likes of AA and (less so) JFL. While balancing this out with many takeovers of non-alliance players, this won't last and will be forced into fighting these bigger alliances, and if the history is correct, they are going to lose that fight. Losing cities to alliances almost a quarter of their size doesn't bode well, is it a blip? Without losing any cities yesterday or today (so far), possibly. Final verdict for these guys, don't seem to be doing as well as they could be or have done before, is this the beginning of the end? Or will they come back from this? SINK

Pink Bunny Slippers. As mentioned before, unaware of a pact with Send Noots. If they have a pact/NAP this puts them in a much better position, if this is the case themselves and send noots could put quite the hammer down on Strange Dynamic and give AA a good run for their money. If they don't, Noots should be taking PBS cities on the regular. Focusing more so on just PBS, they have taken a fair few SD cities in the past day or two which bodes well for the future to grow outwards to give them more breathing space if they need it. This one is quite hard to say for me as it depends so much on information that I am unaware of, the stats show that they could be pacted up and trading internals, or a back and forth fight. If pacted FLOAT if not SINK

Kamikaze Penguins (formerly Working Title, and before WT, Skrulls). Old alliance, new name. All of the top skrulls players left and formed KP. They may be better off in this in the short term, however long term they may have the former players come back to haunt them. On the other fronts, for a while now they have been mostly spared by JFL and had a few encounters with Strange, over the coming weeks, KP are going to run out of food to eat of their former members and going to have JFL, Bears and Strange knocking on their doorstep. They have only just got a taste of AA and JFL over the last two days and lost a handful of cities in their southern end, yet losing a city to a player on their own will knock their pride down a notch. If not handled right, they could be fighting all the right wars at all the wrong time and could cost them, this hasn't been helped by losing a handful of players defecting to strange. For now FLOAT but eventually SINK

Strange Dynamic. An interesting alliance SD is, they've lost some key players and gained some strong players too. From what I've heard they don't have the best leadership (opinionated from others, not myself) and are a bit scrappy at times. However from what I have witnessed, is quite the opposite, strike well, together and co-ordinated. It will be interesting to see how they develop over the coming weeks, as of right now I am unsure of where they go next or if they will be successful or not. However, they will need to keep hold of their solid players and push for their conquests. After losing a bunch of cities to PBS over the last few days, they haven't lost much else before then. If they can regroup and re-strategize against PBS they may be able to have a U-turn there. Float for now.

10. No Mercy. Another alliance I know little of. They've had some steady growth of the last week or so after a dip. Consistently taking cities, however at a lesser rate at the rest of the top 10. With very minimal loss of cities, albeit a few to AA and some slip ups against much smaller alliances, they should be able to hold their own for some time. A poor geographical position will hurt them, being wedged between AA, JFL and Krakens, these alliances, especially AA and JFL, will eat their cities if they aren't careful or co-ordinated. Verdict Eventually Sink

Baby Krakens II. See 5

12. Crazy Bears. Wildcard of the lot in my opinion. Look like they should have been eaten up by JFL a week ago, but have stood their ground, even if they had a little help. JFL have picked up 2 cities off these guys eventually. After the event could be a downhill slide for the Russians, with a lack of consistent flyer help they may struggle to break sieges. However, these guys have beaten Working to many of the alliance-less cities and fended them off, if they keep this up, they could start to take a handful of cities of the 8th placed squad. Haven't got much else to say about these guys, others than very surprised on their progress so far, so kudos to that. Verdict for the Russians, SINK after the event.

Hats off to anyone that doesn't sink as my predictions may say, always happy to be proved wrong! Things change fast. :)
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Pete Dunham

Lol, no secrets here PBS/SN are the same as AA/Area51 but also, kinda uninformed as I am a leader in Send Noots and I had no idea we are " progressing west" lol.

Blank Face

Trash. If you want to write a top-12 then u need to be informed about things that happens to this world. ;)
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