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Blank Face

Blank Face is being very quiet, perhaps he's too busy kicking all his members when we're about to take cities off them to pad No mercy's war stats? Press F for Kingspud, Richie and now Lilacfalcon, kicked because they dont have anything to break with.
Ohh. You are too careful about your previous alliance. Thank you. We still remember you. ;)

Blank Face

Hmmm. Have you any propositions?? :)

I call you the fast warrior. Cause you had showed me the faster war I have ever seen.

I guess it had a duration for 4-5 hours, maybe a lil bit more then you with your players were absorbed by your enemies.

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say what you want but No Mercy obviously lasted longer then AA lol.

I guess the bigger they are...? ;)
naaah only reason they lasted longer is because neither JFL nor we focused on them... now that story is different and they kicked like half of their people out, other half will quit rather soon.


And so today fell No Mercy. Remainder of them running to VM or quitting/joining Krakens. Even Blank Face, the biggest advocate of external chit chat, is running into VM without a fight.



Wait what are you talking about pushing my glasses up LOL.

Because i'm blind as hell it means im nerdy? PG you are a failed 3rd string highschool football player who saw less playtime on the field than Sema has seen outside of his house while stalking me. I was an all state volleyball player my senior year which im sure Sema has already found out about but didnt bother posting since its probably linked to the same twitter lmfao. (Although to be fair if sema did post it already it was D2, since im sure you will comment on that part)

You live across the country, have no life aspirations outside of living off of your parents money, and are threatening to "fight me IRL". We have all seen the IRL pic of you, you're a 3rd string twig man who would not touch me IRL. This is besides the point that I must mention you are also underage, so asking me to fight you is laughable.

But lone behold I will hear PG lying to me about how he got D1 offers but turned them down because college is overrated.

I run your life in this game and would run your life IRL if you actually lived near me lmfao.

Anyway, i'll keep this as my sole off topic response, if you want to continue talks feel free to PM me! God knows these mods will remove our posts anyway since it doesnt fit their agendas.


Imagine sitting in an alliance led by this racist lol. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

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but seriously... lmaoo charlies only comebacks are racial slurs... i remember en119 WC charlie told me about his racist gf that wouldn't let him play with me cause i am black... guess some people are just not troubled in the game but rl too... charlie really has nothing going for him but his ability to spam... must be amazing for job resumes
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