Top Ocean Alliances


Every alliance should have a core, whether they are going long-term or just looking for a fight. :rolleyes: Kammi is not new to this, they know how to Grepo.


I know but what did he meant by top allegiance map ! lol
Simply that he colored sister alliances the same color (i.e. Virus and Electric Bacteria are practically the same alliance, so there's no sense in giving them different colors. Same thing with the others).


Nice map - imo just missing war of kings and simmerville for the full picture.

Simmers and bottomline would paint a much different view of Virus's control on 54. Both alliances might not be top 15 on points, but on bp we are up there.


We are the strongest in O53 of you dont count the two other alliances that are on the border with the other alliance.

King Soos

bye all enjoy the slow world will be back in a year to see if any alliance has braved fighting another alliance and when the mass world WW rotations happen save me a space:p

A Bandit

=-/ sad to see so many people go, but we shall persist! have fun everyone who is leaving for whatever reason, hope to see you back some day, and if not on this world perhaps a future world!