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well look at few examples and tell me what is good/smart defense and what is not.

1. Colonize baby cities in 55 randomly, and stack them with dlu so they can die and have way less defense to actually defend their cities in 45.
2. Flip cities with wall lvl 0, and immediately after the flip drop 600+ fts into it so they can die on terrible ratios for them and again have less defense for cities with walls.
3. Send naval defense to revolted cities bit by bit so they can be killed on relative good ratios and never fully stack.

maybe someone should teach me how to defend properly if this above is truly the way to play revolt..

my favorite are the people who put 1200 fts behind a level 4 wall and go to bed, lookin at you bloods

Shady Time

@Heres20BuckKillMe But you know, time is irrelevant. We haven't been focused on Russians til only a week ago while you were gifting them cities.

We'll take a gander at conquests in a little bit mate :) Just give it time.


Yes indeed, we had problems for several reasons: 1) the Union front is stretched due to rapid development. For the same reason, the cities bordering shady were not sufficiently prepared for the attack. Now the situation is gradually changing 2) In the Union at the time of the attacks, there was a clear imbalance in the direction of building attacking troops 3) At the beginning of the war, there were erroneous actions to protect small cities remote from the Union (this was written above) 4) Several cities were lost simply stupidly in a situation that did not involve this at all. 5) The number of attacking alliances and attacking forces significantly (several times) exceeds the forces of the defenders, But to sum up, I can note that there is no crisis, few cities were lost, and in places where it was pointless to keep them. Cities are lost with battles and a good number of battle points are obtained.

princess Kuini

English is a heap better, (funny that).. 6) we are now pacted with true fear and true fiasco, who are trying their hardest to say its "because of shadys they must pact with us", 7) True fear are making up what we lost 3 fold due to handing us their cities..


I understand shady's policy perfectly well they are going to win by combining all the others against the main competitor. They are smart and difficult to stop. But what do the sons of Thor and the other small alliances in their coalition hope for? After destroying us, the shady will finally dominate the world and the intrigue of this world will end. Is destroying us more important than preserving the chances of victory?) The policy of these unions is stupid, only the shady will be able to capture the cities. The rest of them can't even build attacks. If they win, they will win the world and They will get all the glory for this victory. The rest of you explain what you hope for?)


Come on Bucks......mali is a good and experienced player and for him to feel comfortable to send an attack like that says more about the defence than his offence. It appears that it paid off.
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