Pnp Top Ten New Names for Vanguard of Retribution


Top Ten New Names for Vanguard of Retribution:

10. Vanguard of Restitution
9. Cities for Redistribution
8. Lack of Resolution
7. Vain Guard of Recirculation
6. Rear Guard of Tribulation
5. Vanguard Down by the River
4. Vanquished By Retribution
3. Can't Guard a Mental Institution
2. Visions of Ruination
1. Another Foolish Conquest


This came up in a chat, and it was kind of fun, so I decided to share some of the names we came up with. No disrespect intended, and I'm sure that the alliance name A Foolish Consistency also lends itself to some creative re-naming, and I encourage you to have as much fun with our alliance name as we did with this.


I'll get banned again if I say bad stuff on these forums...

All I know is between the V and the R, they'll allow anyone into those... "cities".


Can't guard a mental institution....oh wait they disbanded finally LOL