Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

Sorin Markov

Someone make one pls idk I don't play this server except for gold just doing it to meme having a milestone on a server I'm not even playing. Surprised someone else hasn't done this.


Since no one seems to want to guess I'll make the first top 10. At least than we can say we had at least one.

1. Cuddlers + Little Cuddlers
My own alliances so expect bias. But what would a top 10 be without some anyway. Located mainly in 44 with some cities in 54. They look to be able to easily dominate their ocean. Only alliances of note are Null and Persian Inquisition and I can't imagine either of those alliances putting up any real fight. One of the best cores in the game, solidly grouped in 44 with just a few stragglers in other oceans. Also has one of the best rosters of the server with tons of heavy hitters and recognizable names. However the real fight seems to be between them and Bunnies that will test them the most. Who will come out on top? Definitely will be an alliance that will stick around till the end. SWIM
1+13 Fighters
2+14 Defenders
1+11 Attackers

2. Killer Bunnies
Another alliance with a ton of Heavy hitters and well known names. I would say these guys are one of the best alliances in this world except for one key fatal flaw. They are super spread out. Having cities in 44,45 and 55 making defending them and forming a solid core very difficult. Especially since the main clump of their cities is in 44 and 45 which are both looking like 2 of the hardest oceans. They will need some pretty flawless diplomacy in order to make this work. Being in the middle of Cuddlers, Rising Phoenix, and True Fear they are going to have a very hard getting free food and expanding in either 44 or 45. Also judging by their Deff bp they are already getting hit hard. The next few weeks and their diplomacy will decide how well they fair. FLOAT
2 Fighters
1 Defenders
2 Attackers

3. Rising Phoenix
Alliance has a decent amount of recognizable players. Located mainly in 45 these guys have a decent core with only a few cities located in 55. However they are in what I would say is the hardest ocean, 45. So far it seems like they have mostly just been taking cities in their ocean without anyone really attacking them yet. They will have to contend with both True Fear and Killer Bunnies. Depending on how their diplomacy/ wars with Bunnies and True Fear goes will decide if they will be sticking around for the long run. FLOAT
3 Fighters
8 Defenders
3 Attackers

4. The Butterfly Effect
Alliance is located in 54, Their only real competition is KAOS, so depending on how they deal with them will decide the victor of 54. However I would have to give the edge to KAOS in this fight considering Butterfly is way more spread out in 54 than KAOS is. They have a few noteworthy players. FLOAT
4 Fighters
4 Defenders
4 Attackers

5. The Last Age + Middle Age
These guys are in one of the best positions. The only alliance located mainly in 55,I could see these guys clearing out 55 of the few cities there of other alliances and making it their own fairly quickly. They are also one of the largest alliances which is both a benefit and a drawback. We will see if they are able to utilize that to their advantage. The only immediate threat to them is KAOS who I think will be more busy trying to take over 54 than really try to fight them. Can't say I really recognize anyone in the alliance however. SWIM
5+6 Fighters
3+7 Defenders
5+7 Attackers

Located in 54,These guys are probably going to win their ocean. They have a few familiar players but mostly they have a better core than Butterfly Effect which I think will lead them to win 54. The problem for them will be if Last Age and Middle Age decide to invade their ocean. Which would not end well for KAOS. SWIM
7 Fighters
11 Defenders
6 Attackers

7. True Fear

If anyone has been playing for a while you Probably know who True Fear is. They have a lot of the usual suspects. However they are also missing a few key players from their roster. We will see how that turns out. On another note they are located in 45 with a good core but probably the hardest ocean to contend with. Their main battle will first have to be with Rising Phoenix and Killer Bunnies. Due to positioning however I would have to give them the best chance of winning this hard ocean, being behind both alliances.. SWIM
8 Fighters
13 Defenders
8 Attackers

8. Null
Finally I have come to the end of the list. These guys already have a bunch of inactive players,losing cities to everyone, and are straddled between 44 and 54. Need I say more? They won't be around for long. SINK
10 Fighters
5 Defenders
12 Attackers


Ocean 44 is solidly controlled by Cuddlers
Ocean 45 Is the most contested ocean with Rising Phoenix,True Fear and Killer Bunnies all Vying for the Ocean

Ocean 54 is a contest Between Butterfly and KAOS
Ocean 55 Is Dominated by Last Age and Middle age with only a few other alliances having a few cities here and there

Yes I know this isn't a top 10,but its not my fault the 2 Mra's Cuddlers and Last Age already have a second alliance ok.

Red-Haired Shanks

Most of your current player base will have quit or will be sitting in other alliances by the time you show us your bar graph skills next, so maybe don't get too cocky there champ.

If you guys lose this one and from Cuddles Again,then Disband and never play again.

Ow and please dont talk so big again because you know what happend on Pylos you were trolling attacking everyone on the boards you and PG and than you Lost Pretty hard! :/ please.


If you guys lose this one and from Cuddles Again,then Disband and never play again.

Ow and please dont talk so big again because you know what happend on Pylos you were trolling attacking everyone on the boards you and PG and than you Lost Pretty hard! :/ please.

Dude...lmao Getting roasted by Shanks that is quite hilarious :))) :D