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Better to run my mouth than to run nothing at all, amiright Boltz? At least this way I provide some societal value instead of contributing to toxicity and hate speech in this game. The externals community is actually dreadful.
No, I'd prefer if it stopped running. Atleast then it would match what goes on between the ears.

Sorin Markov

@Sorin Markov. Get off your high horse.
Isn't that a good thing though? Being moral and a good person who doesn't spread hate? I'd kind of like to be remembered as that tbh. And in the externals it's really not hard to stand out for that, you just have to not hate everybody.

No, I'd prefer if it stopped running. Atleast then it would match what goes on between the ears.
I suppose that's your opinion. Would you like to take the next Top 12 then?


Seriously, I know I can be rather confrontational but isn't there at least one room in this flaming forum we can go without arguing for 10 minutes? My god I feel like I'm back in high school sometimes.


Alright alright ALRIGHT. Take your bloomin' top 12 you ungrateful sacks of ahem.

Now I'd like to start off with a disclaimer: I have no clue about anything diplomacy wise for this server. So please don't scream at me when I say something wrong. Alright? Lovely.
The first issue
1/2. Starting off with the shady drunk bunch. This alliance holds a strong core in 54 with small outlets in the centre of the world on the 54/55/45 border lands. Now just a quick side note, why is it that every big golding pre-made that are favourites to win drop in 54? I mean seriously! You've got Victrix in 122, Hugs in 114, whatever the hell happened in 110 and now this server! It's insane. Anyway, as of now their warscores are pretty clean with a really solid showing against most of their opponents. The exception being Bandana where they are currently losing to the group 11-38. This isn't a great sign for shadies tbh. But, this war is still early days so I will reserve judgement. Despite that, shadies have a strong roster and the largest team by quite a long shot. So a solid SWIM for now.
of the asine
3/7. Sons of Odin. Now, I'm going to be honest here. I don't think Sons are a great team, bare in mind this is anecdotal evidence. I've never really scene them play amazingly. That's not to say they're a bad team. Sons are competent, but they are just that, competent. They will play competently, but over time they will keel over to better teams. Again, anecdotal evidence but In both 115 and 110 I've seen sons play well but never triumph. I think with fiasco breathing down their backs it'll be the same story here. They are currently running even with true fiasco. This is a bad sign. The longer true fiasco has to establish itself the worse for sons. Because, in the bluntest way possible, fiasco is the better team. Sons are winning against the typical MRA's and losing to Bandana. I'll give them a FLOAT for now but they'll SINK in the long run.
timewaster is coming
4/10. Fun with flags and gladiators. Out of the alliances I've looked at so far I'd say this team has the weakest core. They're spread out across 45. Currently they're in a war with hell hounds. Hell hounds hit back recently but are still behind in the warscore. I'd say this war will eventually turn to FwF but you have to give Hounds credit for hitting back. Good fighting spirit is sorely needed in this game.
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5/6. Bandana. Big elephant in the room. BIG BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Nope I'm not touching this. Not that elephant. Don't worry, that'll come later ;) They hold a strong core in 54 and are doing really solidly in their various wars against the various coalition alliances. So, well done to them! They are being supported by True Fiasco and again thats probably helping a lot. Still, I'm not touching that elephant. But, I see no reason not to give them a SWIM.
sometime on Sunday.
7/9. True fiasco. I'm going to call it now: server winners right here. Why you may ask? Firstly, fiasco is a strong team (probably one of the strongest) and when they take sons place in 44 I think they will be set up to dominate the rest of the server. Fiasco is an excellent fighting team. Furthermore, they have gained a lot of experience from wonders last time. Having true fears solid players and snipers in will only add to these advantages. Am I biased as hell? YES! Does that mean I'm going to change my verdict? NOPE! SWIM.
I'll be tackling the issue that shall not be named
11/12. Hell hounds. As I said, I love a good fighting spirit in a team. But, my personal love for a good fighting spirit does not change the fact that these people are doomed. They are spread out all over the place and losing to everyone. IF they can reform on the rim then MAYBE they'll stand a chance. But, I don't see it happening myself. I would love to see it though. SINK.
as well as a host of hidden messages much better than this one.
Well that's the top 12 people. You can thank @css1981 and @NutsNBoltz for whipping me onto doing this.

Now anything else?



definitely not.








Alright why are you scrolling? READ THE TOP 12!
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