Toxic League - Premade for the next high speed server!


I would like to build a premade for the next server. I guess you already know that alarm and sleepless nights aren't anything special.

Feel free to contact me in order to join us.

1. Use discord!
2. Have fun!
3. Don't blame others!
4. Have fun again!
5. Follow leader's directions in order to have a strong development!
6. You must be able to gold some buildings or troops (when needed)


apparently though it makes you the devil. grepo team should work for free and we should remove gold from the game completely. amirite?

good luck on your premade. going for next fast revolt, or any server?
Thank you Nuts. Gold should be removed. I miss the time when the only thing that used gold was premium. But now, many, but many players use more than 50k gold in begining.

Interested. Revolt or conquest?

I don't really care. I just love grepolis. Both of them. Even it's revolt or conquest I have strategies and plans for them ^^


If its fast, conq, no morale world....
Let's see what our beloved Inno decide to give to us. Charlie and Nori already told their intentions. Maybe they will listen to us