Toy Story(-ish) Font using and Paint Windows 7



Method 2:

Alright, I've seen a guide on how to make a Toy Story font with, but it required a lot of plug-ins. This one requires no plug-ins, and the only thing that Paint Windows 7 is needed for is a font, and so if you have a like font downloaded, disregard Paint 7.

So first, get to Paint 7, and select the Text tool. Set the font to "Impact."

Next, type a single letter.

Save. (.png preferably)

Paint 7 will no longer be needed (unless you use Method 2)

Open up Open the single letter file.

Now: Adjustments, and then select "Invert Colors"

It should now look like this:

Now, go to Effects--->Artistic--->Pencil Sketch

It should now look like:

Are you catching on now?

Now select the Paint bucket tool, and select a shade of blue. Now, paint the outline of the letter so that it looks like:

Now, get a shade of yellow, and fill the inside:

Now, it is sort of like a Toy Story letter, but it needs to be tilted, go to Layers--->Rotate/Zoom.
Now, in the upper left, you will see a circle with which you rotate the letter.
Set the bar slightly above or below the starting point, about 12 degrees above or below.

It should now look like:

Repeat this with as many letters as you want.

Now, this is where we start Method 2. Method 1 comes next.

Go to Paint 7. Paste the first letter on. Now the next. Now the next. Make sure now white from the other letters is overlapping the other letters. (Visibly)

Now, Method 1.

Method 1 doesn't have the tilt effect, but is simpler. Just type the text (in "Impact".) on Paint 7, and save, bring it to, and do the "Invert Colors", and "Pencil Sketch". Then do the painting the borders and insides, and it will look like Method 1 up on the top.

That is it, any suggestions would be very much appreciated, but I hope now people don't think Paint programs are useless. :D


Didn't follow your guide, but...

PS makes everything easy.


Well, for those of us who don't have the best, this at least is SOMETHING.

I'm working on improving it (get rid of that annoying space between letters), and adding the red.