Trade Bug


World: Tau

Browser: Chrome

Overview of the bug: I just had 15000 wood arrive at my city H4, it's not there so there appears to be a bug with this. I've double checked my trade log, I'm not imagining it and I haven't spent it, it only just arrived. Screen Shot attached

Screenshots: Show us any screenshots that you have of the bug, so that can have some visual aids
How often this occurs: First time 18:25 roughly UTC+1

Urgency: Minor Bug

Summary: Give us a brief summary of the bug.

I have read all sticky announcements and tried to solve my problem using the information posted there! yes
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if anybody else has had this problem pls post in here with which world and the browser you were using. thanks


I've just traded 5000 wood between two of my cities and it arrived, and was credited correctly. Perhaps the OP can say which trade method was used?


It was a normal trade between two of my cities, I've done loads since that have arrived so I'm thinking it must be my madness, but it was literally seconds after it arrived that I clicked the city and it wasn't there.


I suggest putting in a support ticket. They will have more access to your ingame information and can help you more than what we can here.

That being said, as Pythagorus mentioned, please post here if you also have this issue with the relevant information.


I trade for the frst time, 700 stones for 500 woods.
700 stones subtracted, but NO 500 woods added.
In a flash a saw that Marketplace should be at level 10 - 20 ?.
But this not described in the 'Help'.

Also a bug ?
I want my stones back !

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br Ratioanl