Trading possibilities


Hi grepolis skilled guys,
I am new here (1 day) and I see there are 3 main types of islands in the ocean with different main resources and I suppose depending on what kind of building/units the city is building it is lacking one resource more than the others.. Eg. currently I have full warehouse of rocks but lacking wood. If somebody has full stocks of wood and lacking rocks, we could exchange 1000 rocks for 1000 wood so we both could start building units/buildings according to our wish immediatelly not having to wait untill insufficient resource is re-filled. I see trading is not possible untill having marketplace built up what takes quiet a lot of time to get to this phase, but is here somewhere on the forum or in the game a site where you can see offering surpluses of resources and asking demands for resources? Such threat/site would be usefull to help each other. Especially if not living on the same island..



The marketplace or within your alliance you may have trade/request sections. You do need a marketplace to trade, however you can exchange god powers with other players if your are in need of a resource like wood or silver though powers such as kingly gift and treasures of the underworld. Also trading is not immediate and will take time to reach other cities, however you can trade with the small farming villages on your island as long as you keep mood above 85%, doing so can usually solve resource balancing.