trading via farming overview does not always work


When you try to trade with farming villages via the farming overview it doesn't always work. Sometimes you will get a message saying "active city not on this island" - even though you have it selected. Other times nothing at all will happen, no message - no trade window.

It is very irritating and slows you down tremendously when you have 100+ cities and can't trade via overview. You have to manually go to each island and find the farm you want to trade with. It triples or quadruples the time it takes to go through your cities and trade excess wood/silver for stone.

When you get to 50+ cities it is often not worthwhile dealing with this bug and I simply don't trade.

I have found no reliable way of triggering this bug. It happens whether you click a city from the trade/culture overview and hit "select town" button or whether you click the arrows at the top of city dropdown list, or when selecting a city from the dropdown itself.

And it doesn't always happen, it is random. It seems to happen more often on the first attempts at trading. Once you have cycled through a few cities, it shows up less often but still pops up frequently enough to be a considerable impediment.


I am glad someone else has this problem. I reported this 2 years ago and as usual I get a "please clear your cache or hit refresh" response.

I try to stay logged on for as long as possible, because if I manually go to an island to do a manual trade that usually enables the trading via farming overview.

Ironically this bug is triggered all over again if I hit refresh or clear cache.


yeah ive encountered this too, cant open the window saying the active city is not on the island, must refresh game


Some update info on this: it didn't happen in en138 until I hit 10 cities. Now encountering the error again. Hope that helps find where the bug is.

Hedley Lamarr

The Farming Villages window is broken in the Hyperborea world. The village name does not appear in the list of villages. Actions like conquering, trading, etc. is now impossible. This issue is reproduceable in Firefox & Chrome.

The Farming Villages game feature is something we PAY for.