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an example would be among other things, learning how to attract people to a cause, organizing people, becoming more aware of your available resources, learning to be more ....inquiring? about what's going on around you, and being more conscious of your own surroundings.

any form of play, be it sports, arts, even business, if viewed through some of the techniques adapted from gaming, can be enhanced to a degree, and improved on, improving your chance to succeed in whatever you're working on. i guess to sum it up, you learn how to pay more attention to things, than you did before any gaming experience.

even though its online? you also tend to get a better feel for how people respond, when you compare it to how people act in real life, so that's sort of another kind of insight you gain. Dealing with say, auction houses or open markets, while paying attention to real vs game currency rates, is another way of looking at the economy, and knowing the difference between what goods are being charged for, and what they're really worth.
very well put and actually quite inspiring, what you've just said :)


I miss Kasmenai. Those were the days.

Back when I wasn't on VM.


So rumor on the streets tell that EiE is getting massacred - gotta love carma when the s*** back fires lol :cool::D


Apparently EiE leaders are in a really bad mood today

*Tig* today at 23:58
you been a loser your entire grepo career what gives you the right to gloat?
Thizzle today at 23:56
That went fast

And then he went and blocked me before i could tell him why i have the right to gloat :(

I guess ill have to do it in here instead then.

I have the right because you made the decision to go against our alliance which was 1/5th of your alliance and as if that were not enough you teamed up, with another alliance 5 x the size of ours to help you.

Why did you do so? because u remember us and know what we do... Now it was smart thinking to shut us down before we could grow a big enough pain for you, but stupid to think it would be so easy just because of your size.

And why do i have the right to gloat, lets see... Maybe because i was saying this was going to happen for a few weeks now? or was it because you targeted us and we proved you could not take us out? Or is it because your last crown was handed to you by my alliance ?

Even tho ive been such a big loser my entire "grepo career" i have not f´ed over anybody and i have always played this game like it is supposed to be played - fought my way to the top. And i guess my loser *** was important enough for you to move oceans to come kill me and in the end cost you your alliance :)

Good luck on your next server - you´re welcome to contact me, i can teach you a thing or two about grepo
One of the most important parts is BP - which you have none of. Buying your slots takes forever and is not worth it in the long run :)

Hope you had a blast for New Years - and enjoy all the fireworks

Yours Truly


Revolts are flying everywhere... Any bets on where EBG will run off too?

My guess is to SMYN
He talked "****" about WiB behind their back, while SMYN want to fight him not to recruit him, so i am guessing his only choice is Drill or die with such amount of money invested.. question that remains is if Drill is stupid enough to recruit him..


Bitterness towards EiE and EBG on these forums are ridiculous. By all means, this kind of gold-usage is new to me and I find it interesting.
But some of you act like babies making every political post about how EiE will and deserves to go down....

And for anyone saying the 65-manouver cost EiE their life, Get Real, if you dont see how their time would be limited in 55 between Noobies and VeryCausticFriendly WiB. Then I for your teams sake hope you are not in a leading position. Because you really shouldnt be.


That almost sounds like what Napoleon went through trying to reach Russia, and when he GOT there, .....hoo boy! Troops sick, tired, most of them dying on the way from malnutrition and poor choice in wardrobe for the climates they encountered, not to mention the occasional natives who were better equipped and had a stronger will to fight....yikes! god speed you hooligans!