yes the mra will indeed
and yes ur right again they demolished us on heli god they were truly something else
mra or not, got to give it to them for not being a premade like the majority of the top 12. I can honestly see them floating for a bit after bp ends, as for sinking, im not to entirely sure they will go right away, I see they have a few good vets in there holding, more then what i expected them to have,


@King Soos this world has same duration of BP as we had in our world... 7 days... meaning golders who dont have a brain either already have a city on rock island or are about to colonize... when in 2-3 days they will open anchors on full islands with farms, its such a wonderful sight to see so much wasted ress and brain cells... tho i should not complain too much.. the more rock foundations the more ress they need to buy via trades... so keep going noobs.