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Lucius Vorenus Miki

You know we are all People human beings all of us and its very Sad that we have to treat each other here like we treat eachother outsidein real life :(

This game is supposed to be a Fantasy a escape but for some of you me included it has become a prison we trully took things to far all the name calings and insults that really cant be what your about or what this game is about i Apologize for every bad word that was said to everyone Especially to James,Nuts and the rest look i know that the reason behind this may be that a lot of you were hurt but do you really want to be a Copy of the people/players that hurt you ? No be better than that dont be the same be smarter and better...

Now for the Trash Talk:

Hug This your a great team but yes its Unfair NONAME is the second strongest Alliance in the game and the number 1 alliance in O55 you can lie to yourself and say No its True Fear its WARGASM but thats a Lie now are you or are you not the strongest Alliance on the Server im assuming that was the whole point of all your members constant posts qnd yes im honest bragging on the forum

If you are the best then Fight the Best dont attack the rest of us who have to fight our way against 50 skilled players or at the very least stop NONAME from conquering us together with their 3 Ally Alliances and give us all a fighting chance if not then i would ask why whats stopping you ? :) im calling you Chicken.

Lucius Vorenus Miki

Amnesia NONAME People here seem to know you and you said that you have played before on other servers as a Team and yet now that the big bad Fiasco United is Gone the only Players and the only Alliances i have seen you attack are the Inactive Kind i know because i got the Trip reports i have yet to see you take a SINGLE Town from Hug This any Alliance can conquer inactives and win but try your Luck against a real Active Alliance and the number one Alliance on the Server Hug This and lets see how wrll you do or are you going to wait for them to go Inactive like Fiasco too ? And then attack them.

Lucius Vorenus Miki

Trully you all have very Big and great Cities here and yes in your own Words you are strong Alliances (Against inactives like WARGASM STSU GGW Repo Men and so on but when it comes to fighting the strongest Alliances on the Server (Yourselves) you are nowhere to be found.

I think in the End we will have 2 Winners we will have 2 Winners because both of the 2 strongest Alliances will still refuse to fight ,but its fine we all get your Busy with the other (Strong Alliances the Ghost of Nuts and Boltz and Reaper 1 that haunt Pharae)


Nah more like he needs to go play Farmville.....................

As for two winners, I know I'm not the most educated of people and I'm semi-retired (not retarded before anyone says anything) from playing Grepo due to RL (Yes folks there is a real life out there) but last time I checked there can only be one winner in Domination.

Unlike in the Wonders where you can swap out players so a fresh set of huggers can get a crown.

But hey as I'm only an observer looking in................what do I know.
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“Smug This” is cute...but I don’t find you guys as smug as I do plentiful. Maybe a better fit would be...

Merge That
Drop Them (like they’re hot)
Bedbugs Unite
Temporary Hugs

Busy today, so I can’t help with more. I’m sure you’ll get there. RX has some creativity. You want to capture your intent to both merge with everyone, and to drop players for food as you gain better ones.