trash talk



And here he is back for more. How long have you followed us around Ranga? When you cant beat em troll em right buddy?

I wonder what the heck you do in game now that Erik isnt around to get his knob polished all the time lol. You find a new daddy yet?
There he is, again discussing his secret love of Erik lol I was close 15 hours, two logins per day, that's good for you James, did ahr ex tell you a new internal was being posted?


I could not help but check back in! Not looking for the last word or am I? As a True Female who likes True Fun, this has been a hoot! My team is Toons! When True Fear has left the building, we will be around. :)


@jameslongst i don't need to waste my time putting you in your place, players worse than me are doing it just fine for like 5 or 6 revolt worlds in a row?

you are even losing to Toons.. there is no need for discussion about your ally quality/skills.. mr internal king :)

Are you counting those city RCs as repos? In the open forum? And just counting the one branch? Are you this dense? Wait don't answer that.

Bacon, I know that you are one of the many many angry 13 year olds we left in our bloody wake in Pagase, but you gotta let that go. Go out with Ranga and both of you guys get a life.

As for the bigger picture, their ain't one. The rest of the server can go on about their important business of "cycling thru" players to receive "crowns for winning." Yay go Team!

True Fear is trying a little something different...we are gonna have fun playing the game. Weird isn't it?


It's wild how much different the game is when you don't blow each other for crowns and actually play for fun. Although who am I to take the circle jerk out of it, I'm sure you all thoroughly enjoy it.


And your still losing cities to these noobs. Might be best to keep their noobness to yourself lol
First off, You're*, grammar is important.

Second, I have not lost a single city. I may as well call for my internalization if these morons ever take a city from me.