trash talk


He knew it was a 39 hop HC and still raged it, for the love of god somebody teach them how to play. I'll really miss those 5 hops1587268520958.png


I'm sorry, it's ok.

Ranga you are so tuff on the externals. What a hero! What a savage!

Again I ask you man: What the hell do you do when Erik isn't around to get his cookies tossed?

Hey Ranga I remember your terrible team...what where their names? The Chrome Bangles? Always getting poked on by whatever MRA they served...good times that was Ranga. Is that why you hate TF man? Cuz we have been around long enough to see you on your knees over and over? Is that why you scuz around us correcting our grammar of all things, stalker?

Ranga you are worse than that idiot Bacon cuz you should know better. Go live your life man.

However, if you cant let go come meet us up. Im sure my team will be game. Bring 150 of your bestest friends and we will straight up mop the floor with you.


Here is big ol jimmy boy with erik falling out of his mouth again

I know I'm winning when all you can do is create elaborate stories about me lol

Have you ever mopped the floor with anyone? Ever?
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I'm always happy to tear a garbage MRA a new bum hole. You know me one-suh I'm here to f**k s**t up, and that's about it.