Travel time between two towns on two islands


Hello, I'm trying to create a program to calculate the travel time between the two cities. I can calculate the travel time between cities on the same island. I do this by using offsets of cities that I have found here in the forum, and i following instructions in tutorial from .Pete. But when I wanted to calculate travel time between the two cities on two islands, so I tried to calculate distance in pixels by adding the pixel coordinates of the island to offset of the city and using the Pythagorean theorem, but it did not work. :( And I also want to ask how were the offsets from this forum calculated, when I tried to calculate them in the google chrome debugging tools, they were similar to right offsets, but not same. :( Thanks for the answer. :) Sorry for my bad English, but the forum in my language does not contain programming section, and probably there is nobody who can help me.
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Open the attack or support window on a city. You type in 1 for every unit type you plan to send. This will calculate the travel time.
On this, I only typed in the CS. The travel time is in the box.



Yes, i know. :D But i programming application to calculate travel time. This is section programming discussion. :)


I wonder if anything here might help.

.Pete. also said he posted a lot of calculation info on the German forum around the same time.
I understand he is no longer playing so there is probably not much point contacting him directly.