Pnp Triad Vs Afterbirth the merge happy wondersheep


So Rent boys tried merging all of the north and United Forces the south - Merge to Victory!..But oh wait..


funny sheep.jpg - funn sheep 2.jpg

They just could not help themselves, merge after merge on the belief that pure numbers is the only way to go huddling together at night to keep themselves warm.

I am a warrior sheep here me roar bahahaha

So now we get the last big merge of Oropos - Rent boys who have supposedly been fighting United Forces from the beginning of the server merge together to give us the Afterbirth! "cough" Rebirth...or whatever you decide to rename into pahahaha

Funny sheep 3.jpg There so cute together....I want to vomit

It's all good, within the rules, and like it or not, it is a strategy, a strategy only those incapable of fighting their way to realise their goals utilise, but a strategy none the less.

WHY BOTHER? LoL, I mean what possible satisfaction could one possibly get from merging their way to an award? Makes it sort of pointless doesn't it? Or maybe I'm old fashioned, I mean sheesh, no one joins a wargame to fight fairly right? Why enter just one boxer in the ring when you can keep sending other suckers in to fight the original foe, Just merge and win,merge merge merge, win win win! Wooooooooohooooooooo ....err, yeah good luck with that I guess, each to their own.

Now that's harsh, but, wait for it......."After all, it doesn't matter how you get your awards, all that matters, is that you get em right?

All the while Triad carry's on with our business trying of trying to have some fun.

wolf 1.jpg

We kept waiting for the sieges to hot up, for the mass siege breaks but we began to believe it was never going to happen :(:(

funn sheep 4.jpg We kept waiting..

Then the Rebirth "cough" Afterbirth was born and wow the sheep figured if they outnumber us 4 - 1 that its fair fight and now ain't we having some!!

Firsty we landed a CS on C4R105 the exploding sheep with C4 in his name he must be dangerous ooohhhhh

sheep-crazy-animal-explosive-blow-blow-up-blast.png And so the sheep sent 15000+ LS at us and failed to break the siege so the explosive sheep C4R105 you would think would start throwing down some bombs.....but oh he went vacation mode....


After the siege break we went after the account which is near 100% Light Ship; now normally I would salute such an aggressive player as to be all Light ship but wait he's never taken an enemy city only colonized or taken in actives / ghosts and has Light ship in every city.....smells a little fishy to me.

During this we started on Geoff the sheep King - sheepking.jpg

While having 4 more of the ever so slightly fishy fast1's under siege we landed another siege on Geoff King of the Sheep and low and behold currently the sheep have 75 attacks coming to our siege after over 40 already a real siege!!! Who would of thought an afterbirth would be popular :pro:

Anyway Thank you Oropos we are finally having a bit of fun

"I am ashamed, that you all are not ashamed, in all of this shamefulness of this shameful saga"

Afterbirth "cough" Rebirth : 209 members with some still in Relentless & United Forces

Triad : 54 members

wolf 4.jpg

With that I leave you all with this:

See you at the end our spears!

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here me roar bahahaha
that made me laugh

Now for all the sheep out there, Beware the triad monstars as they be the best damn enemy i had the pleasure fighting...good work dj


It has come to my attention that Rebirth "cough" Afterbirth are a little "butthurt" at us referring to them as the Afterbirth so the are planning to rename : Infamous, Public Enemy, Phoenix, Rebirth and Relentless Forces - baahahahaha

That being said I must give you guys credit for mr.weedmans nickname : The Triffid :p


Don't forget about the Lone Ranger roaming around in the middle (but never sticking around for

Digital Mystikz

Digital, the only ship I'll be sailing is a battery operated wheel chair, I'm sure. (And still headed the wrong direction).
By then we will have computer integrated wheel chairs so it doesn't matter which direction you're going if you can still press the farm all villages button :D


<a href="
Hey digi, have a look at the map of this world - Phallus have managed to merge their way to hold almost the whole world. Fun for us.

Digital Mystikz

Haha lovely mate, makes it that much sweeter when you take a city from them. Then they'll come up with excuses that you're not fighting their best players etc etc, that's what they did in calydon


Entertaining PnP. Nice to see more quality posts in this forum.

Digi, you should join this server to pop some popcorn and watch the fireworks.
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