Trojan Insider Issue 1

Ichimaru Gin1

My Top 5 alliances To keep an EYE on​

Extroadinary Gentlemen- Since they first came out in a world I used to play they were ELITE. I always wanted to join, but was intimidated... They are the best alliance in grepolis and can dominate any and every world. But they always had a problem, size. They can only defeat so many enemies everyone runs out of troops if attacked enough. But Goku has eliminated that. Now It seems like it would take half the top twelve to eliminate them. Great job Goku and cool name :).
80% chance of success

Irish War Wolves- Number 1 alliance and the number one alliance always has haters and always called an mra. But athlete has responded well and done well. Deals plenty of attacks and recieves some as well. But only time will tell if they can outlast the multiple alliances against em.
55% chance of success

Seraphim-Good alliance runner-up compared to EG, not much detail on em...68% chance of success.

Shapeshifters- Good alliance, lacks members...In an ocean were more members means victory because of IwW. If they can take out a couple small alliances and get more people they can get back in the game. 50% chance of success

Chaos- Already have a second alliances over 160 members. Very spread out... But with those numbers they can definatly beat most alliances if they do a 10 on one. Needs to cut dead wait. Has good players. But will crumble if alot of members are attacked. 48% percent chance of success


Deaths Measure- Last but not least. I see them as the third superpower. Because Seraphim has quality players like them but, with more size. Both alliances are based closely together with a couple outsiders. But as long as seraphim has an edge over them, they cant move up in ranking. Unless they recruit a little more. 60% percent chance of success.
Interview of the Leader of excuTicks-Ericus II

What ocean is your alliance based in and whats the fighting like down there?
Our base is in O53 in this world. We just started and right now we're still building up and taking our place... No much fighting for the moment, just a couple of bullies that think they are important but obviously have no experience in this game... their cities are marked, plans finished, just waiting to have enough CS to take them all in 1 time :)

What would you say to a player to get them too join?
This is a game. I you like to laugh, make fun and are an active forum-user... you're welcome in our alliance. We are a very democratic alliance and every member will be heard when taking decisions. The leaders are only there to coördinate and share their experience from other worlds.

Any Wars?
Not yet... or should I say, our ennemies don't know we're coming :)

How do you plan on getting to the top twelve?
Points are not the goal... winning the game is.

What does your name mean?
Our name has been formed overtime by the merge of two alliances...
Execu (from Executioners)
Ticks (from Lunatics)

Interview of Kevski76 Leader of Ultimate Force

Any Wars?
No wars as yet, but we aren't here to play sim cities that's for sure!

Who are you guys and how did you rise so quickly?
The core of our alliance have been playing grepo from the start, we are very loyal to each other... never fell out and we have had some very memorable wars in our time in grepo. We co-operate in a war very well and have each others backs right till the end.

Are you points whores?
lol... ask me this question in a couple of weeks... although i think you won't need to, actions will always speak louder than words with us... we aren't here to go bragging in the grepo forums about great we are.

Any alliance's you wanna take out?
No comment...
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Addiction was I believe the fastest alliance to fall ever. A little more than 24 hours. I was in the alliance and witnessed it. Before it happened I warned the leader not to give leader rights before bp is even up, when you dont know anyone. He replied "I know my players". Then the infamous Invincial sabotaged them, and the alliance was dead from their...Most of the leaders are now inactive I believe.

Also godslayer, the first player to conqour a city! Is banned, because he was multi-accounting. They were at war with seraphim and I guess they won. The Empire has now merged.

Extroadinary Gentleman are now in the top twelve! Three mergers and their looking scary!

My little Pony is at war with Exodus.

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Player of the spotlight award- CNoteG sexond player to conqour a city with good abp!


See ya next time :)
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Ichimaru Gin1

How do I get the pics to be bigger? :(
And to show
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I like it! Interviews with leaders of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Deaths Measure would be great in the next issue. ;)


Amazingly done..well coulda have more interviews...


One of the few posts worth reading in these forums. Looking forward to reading more

Ichimaru Gin1

Than you everyone for the kind words... It was my first time and I will continue to try and make it better


I agree with everything else! :D Hope to see more newspapers in the future!