TS vs FC


And like all the great leaders who failed, Chad Bass and tomthumb run like chicken and hide.I understand the shame is big to be a leader of the biggest losers in grepolis history but don`t run, stay and fight :pro:


while im no fan of mungus,i have to say this is without doubt the biggest fail in grep history so credit where its due-the syndicate has owned this server begining to end.congrats TS.wouldnt like to play for you but would hate to play against you-great organisation.


Kicking a player from the alliance will result in losing level 10 of that wonder, please don`t do that again, you only have 2 wonders left now and we want to take them with fight.

Thank you in advance FC leaders


Hi guys

World is over and billy boy congrats you all in sticking it out and giving TS a challenge,well done FC and to all those i upset its our i play this game and its not at all personal,good luck FC and maybe we will meet again in another world

billy200 remember at the beginning of this war i told your leaders that i am not a nice guy when your my enemy,please except my apology


Congratz to TS for winning this world. This was my first world and I'm glad I was able to stick it out for the long run against a good team.


Chad Bass runaway like some chicken to play with his roosters i guess :eek: and that pathetic excuse for a leader called tomthumb runaway to play on US server :eek:
That is what we do best, making people quit after they met TS.For those who decide to play against TS again, i salute you and good luck you gonna need it.