Turn off morale Yes/No?

Would you like Morale to be turned off on this world?

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    Votes: 100 73.0%
  • No

    Votes: 37 27.0%

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We have been given the ok to alter this world's settings to a degree and as we can't make it any faster our only option is if we would like to turn off morale. So I am posting this poll which will only run for about 48 hours to see what people want. A link will be put in the forum announcement for the world directing players to this thread and there will be an ingame announcement going out asking players on Neapolis to cast a vote.


Between feedback we were given from the community about how players wanted no morale on this world and other servers getting similar feedback about their world speed/morale settings for this batch of worlds we got approval to change the settings a bit.

i hate inno and all of you... all the perfectly good worlds that we begged for this and yall didnt do... you wait to do this for the most boring and possibly worst conquest world you have ever released... thanks for nothing smh


Changing such a basic setting like morale days after the world started means you ruin it for those who have joined for the morale and ruin it for those who skipped it and hope to join the next no morale + it creates a very bad precedent, players will keep asking to change settings whenever you opened a (morale) world, as the mainstream always preferred no morale in my opinion - I've never seen a different vote result.

I won't be playing this server no matter what happens, it makes no sense to start with days of delay on domination if you want to play competitive, every wasted day is equal to slot - on team level that's many slots. Good luck to everyone!


As much as I hate morale, I do agree with the point that it sets a dangerous precedent - perhaps just open another world like tomorrow with no morale - that way it is fair and we all get what we want


Although almost every player prefers no morale most people who joined this one joined with morale in mind and made plans based on that. By suddenly changing it you are not only ruining it for them but also for new non-morale players who would find themselves on the rim or outside of the domination circle

I agree with the previous posts to just make a new world with no morale in the future


+ it creates a very bad precedent, players will keep asking to change settings whenever you opened a (morale) world, as the mainstream always preferred no morale in my opinion - I've never seen a different vote result.
I get what you're saying, but INNO never was against critique when opening a new server, this isnt the first time they've tweaked the settings in beginner protection


well ppl have been asking for no morale world for a long time now and you decided to change it 3 days after the world started? You could do it 3 days before the world started and it would be fine. This way I know for a fact that some players would join if they knew about no morale.
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I wouldnt mind morale if it only went like 10% either way, just to give a little advantage to the new guys, but the current way it works is ridiculous - meaning that LMDs win the game and standard playstyle goes out the window - perhaps this would be a great opportunity to try out something like that?

I feel like Inno cant keep everyone please either way here, but it was definitely a mistake to bring out so many morale worlds in a row - it means that non morale players will get bored and just join whatever, so obviously there will be complaints.

That said they could also open a non morale world now, enough people will play because of quarantine.



Honestly morale is a good setting and reasonsable on some Worlds which all revolt players will tell you. Its just that for years CQ got the middlefinger by Inno allowing it to be abused under sieges.

The way morale is implemented , it should have been either revamped or disabled on all CQ worlds starting years ago.
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Yeah, some worlds which are speed two or below. If you don't want to play at a faster pace and be behind then play slow morale worlds.


Morale punishes heavy golding and inactivity. It makes small groups of players able to fight off big alliances.