Turn off morale Yes/No?

Would you like Morale to be turned off on this world?

  • Yes

    Votes: 100 73.0%
  • No

    Votes: 37 27.0%

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If you can present a single case of me spamming, taking a 200 point city or asking a brown around to raise a wall for me, please do. But there aren't any.
I don't see an issue with fighting over your inactives or ghosts with you though. Especially since the one I actively remember ghosted while in siege and at least from the outside it looked like the inactives were people giving up after a few attacks, though of course those may have been because of internal issues, I wouldn't claim to have known well enough what was going on there.
You're right of course, there's not much skill in checking people during their expected sleep times, finding them offine and siegeing them. But as you probably also noticed it's nye impossible to siege anyone who sees it within a reasonable time span because of how stupidly many flyer tokens everyone has. Which is sad because it's also much less fun this way.

I never said you collapsed because of the fight with us. I only said you didn't collapse because we recruited 2 people in your core yesterday.
I never said we had a real war, I merely pointed out that in relative terms I would deem the situation leading up to that as more accomodating to a real war than what we are currently looking at. I actually think it's impossible to have a real war during or anywhere close to after an event as overtuned as the one we just had. And having a lot of members only amplifies that.


AA / 51 already had 2, I'm just upping the stakes. I see your two alliances, I raise you two more. Simple math.


i agree with you. Although the morale system has flaws, overall it allows smaller players to fight off bigger ones, and stops annoying kids with no power at home from picking on smaller players online as a way of feeling big.
My point was maily that it helps small alliances. For example, on 121 a small group of few greek players was able to crush ThePlague by themselves. Upsets like tgat are what I like to see.


he talks a big game has now 100+ players but still him and his minions have to spam people constantly around the clock to try take cities and then brags about taking them ha big dog he is alright lol :D:D:D:D:p

bruh.. you spammed in 113 for most of your duration there.


So the next phase of this world will be

Just For Krakens or
Krakens for Laughs?

Dont hate me, just giving some ideas


Woahh look at the player running from a fight and ghosting making our next ally name suggestions :)

Thank you for giving us the translation of your name. We all wanted that deeper meaning there ;)
Btw i didnt run but i understand you cant understand anything else than what your ego says.

Imagine thinking anyone deserves to be anything other than JFL 5 & 6. :cool:

You are right, JFL V, JFL VI looks cooler

Dont know what the Turn River stands for but he obviously already Floped lol

You already flatter each other, how cute :p


Well yesterday I took out a guys CS and in return he sent 3 flier nukes at my cities. Being about 150,000 X bigger than me, would have been lovely to have that morale advantage and see some farmers take out mantis, but not to be :(