Turning Point


Juggs+TV vs SI+Cerb = 33 vs 42
But the difference is, it took SI 3 OPs to get 42, it took Juggs 1 OP to get 33 (Not counting the random takes either ways)
If you seriously think SI has a upper hand on Juggs, you are very seriously mistaken.
That is totally irrelevant AA.Consistency wins over the sheer strength always!Nobody has any upper hand over nobody(yet).
Its just a grepo World War and its very interesting.From me congrats for all that are taking part for making the server interesting :)


Ha ha..I love the hype now lets take some cities an be done with this..Kalus old news....Did he sway the war with 25 cities I think not....Juggs good alliance PL good alliance.SI an Cerbs an allies good alliances now lets fight....Juggs can claim they are better,but really we are here an not going anywhere we are in for the long haul so let it commence the more fight the better is what makes this a war game...If not my as well go an play WWW.TRIBALHUGS.com lets have some fun enough talk....
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yeah....i guess its time i state my opinion.

this is what i see
-SI will not crash and burn, i am in Cerberus and i can say they do have great leadership, calm under pressure, intelligent, all the rest of the hoohaa
-Juggs will not crash and burn, AA is a great leader, no doubt about it, and they run a seriously successful op against us, congrats btw
however i dont think you will catch is so unawares next time, now we have experienced the burn
-There will be more traitors like Kalus, it always happens in war and strife
-The Grim and SI will continue to work together as will Juggs and PL
-There will be more flaming and degratory posts
-This will be a war that is fought long and hard, and honestly i dont see the end of it, i dont see either alliance losing, nor do i see either leadership backing down looking for a NAP

we are all in for a long slog, and those who are not part, i feel sorry for you :(
Very True, can't agree more to most of it.

Same to the posts by Boogey and Jethro... there's still plenty left in the war and us bickering over small little things is nothing unless we can show it in the battlefield.