Beginner Tutorial: Creating renders in Photoshop.

break stuff

The probelm here is I have the old photo shop. "Adobe Photo Elelments 2.0" Can I still do the same on my version?


Elements isn't photoshop man.
It's like the cheap free trial that comes with two of the features.

Except, Photoshop itself is so damn pricey they still sell it.
Honestly, if there isn't a pentool you probably won't be able to.


Easy way to create renders:

1. Fine a picture you like, lets say it is a model from some magazine. Rip the page out and cut the image out using scissors
2. Place the cut out image in your scanner and scan it with white background. You can use markers to change the color of the background: green, blue, yellow, something that will make your image stand out for easier cutting
3. Use Magic Want to cut out the image from the white BG
4. You should have your render ready