Two for Flinching in Heraklion

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This is it we are restarting this great alliance in here Heraklion

About the alliance:
This alliance started in world Athens. It wasn't a premade there but achieved what other premades couldn't. It reached the first place of world rankings before NN happened and then it gone disbanded because the founder turned his back on us. That's why we are doing this alliance but with a different leadership this time.

About me and 24F:
I WAS a leader in 24F (if you don't have proof that I'm not don't comment on this), but I left it because, of family issues before the founder disbanded the alliance., but am back and we will rock this world.

What will you gain by signing up:
1)Support during war times.
2)Help in a conquest.
3)Hanging out with buddies in a 3rd party chat room.
4)Being a part of something bigger than all of us.

We will be watching you the first week.

South West (In the rim)
We have no requirements but we will keep an eye on you for a week and then decide

My In-game name for this world will be Hagop Boranian
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Hagop abroumian

Yup in Athens and we will do that in this world also. Slobo did you join world Heraklion?