Tyche's Advent Calendar Feedback Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Starting on the 1st and going until the 31st of December, Tyche's Advent Calendar will be running. Feel free to post any questions or feedback in this thread.


Perhaps you should re-name your "png" files to this year rather than keep them the same as 2015?..... also for next year I suggest a wave of Enemy elf's on Ice ships siege the Oceans of Grepolis! and on the 25th you must face the patent saint of prostitutes :]


just curious.. who thought of the hero for this.. proboally worst idea/concept ive ever seen in my life like congrats what a waste of event hero.. shouldve brought ajax


yeah. i don't really see how perseus can be used apart from maybe hunting myths. but most players who use myths also have alarms so most of the time they will just dodge.


we gonna have a new type of city build.. you got OLU, DLU, LS, Bir and a myth hunting city. A city strictly for hunting those myths that attacked your siege! dont worry cause Perseus is coming along to grant you the power to fight!!!

Jalmundr the Bear

The only thing I'll say is this:

THIS year's Christmas event.. SUCKS!!!

It's almost Christmas and by now, USUALLY we'd be at a myth reload of 3 hours (for example -> Manti production at x # of units per 3 hours) by now (this is not about manticores exclusively but about all myth reloads). We're JUST now getting into 2 hours for the reload.. And all the rewards are basic stuff that nobody really needs or wants. On top of that, the wheel is FAR less rewarding for landing on the myth reloads (rewards) as well. It says "x% chance" but it's really not. You virtually have to go through tons of gold for one item that should be a "good" chance to get but we're being lied to.

This is one of my favorite events for sure but this year's event has been terrible.