Tyche's Advent Calendar Feedback Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Starting on the first of December our next event, Tyche's Advent Calendar will begin. Feel free to post any questions or feedback you have in this thread.


"While Argus is assigned to a town, he will reduce the building costs of all Naval units."
I'm all for creative and situational heroes, but doesn't argus seem a bit... weak? the only thing worth putting him in a town for is basically transport ships which already have a pretty short build time.

For LS, we have Aristotle, For birs we have Daidalos and for Tirs we have Eurybia.

We even have Pariphaistes for general naval unit speed, I know argus is reduced COST but it still seems kind of weak since you can only have one hero per town meaning you can't even sync him with another hero.

I guess we will see his numbers on release, my concern is just that this hero will basically be dead weight and not even situational like some others (Looking at Perseus basically here)
Argus is fine, He is a better secondary hero for all naval cities than Pariphaestus. He is also gonna be handy in the DLU towns, Now, tell me where i can go whine about these awesome Black Friday Fighter Packages that gives me "4 hoplites per hour for 3 hours". You guys know that even the farming villages offer more units in the same time frame right?