Tyche's Wheel of Fortune 2020

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team

Tyche makes her return this festive season, but with a twist! Welcome to Tyche's Wheel of Fortune!

What is Tyche's Wheel of Fortune?

Tyche's Wheel of Fortune is a brand new event type, which offers you a unique way to win fantastic prizes. The event replaces Tyche's Advent Calendar, and will run from December 7th to December 30th. In this new event, the gods have smiled down on your festivities within your city, and as a reward, Tyche has arrived in your city to spin her wheel of fortune. Tyche hasn't come alone, though! She brings with her the greatest illustrators from all across Greece, who will paint a magnificent canvas to immortalize your city's festivities.

How do I play?

To begin, click on Tyche in the bottom corner of the screen:

This will open the Wheel of Fortune! The wheel has many special powers available for you to uncover, with the coveted Daily Special being the most unique and valuable. Of course, the Daily Special changes each day, so make sure you snag it before it's gone!

Daily SpecialEvent Inventory
You can spin the wheel by clicking on the 'Spin' button in the middle. Each spin of the wheel costs 10 Tyche coins.
You can click on the
on the left to see what prizes are available on the wheel. If you check the available prizes, and don't see anything you want, you can also reset the wheel by clicking 'Reset' for 15 Tyche Coins. Resetting the wheel clears the prizes from the wheel, and replaced them with a whole new batch of prizes, and also spins the wheel, so you'll get a fresh set of prizes, as well as one win for your 15 coins. The wheel also resets automatically each day, replacing all the prizes.
Once you win a prize on the wheel, it will be moved into your Event Inventory. This is a temporary storage with enough room for 8 prizes. Once full, you won't be able to spin the wheel until you either use, store, or delete some of the prizes in your event inventory.

With each spin of the wheel, your illustrators will be inspired, and complete another section of the grand prize canvas. The bar below the canvas shows your current progress towards completing this work of art, and once done, will reward you with the Grand Prize! Your illustrators will then rollup the canvas, and send it on it's journey overseas, as they start work on a new canvas!

And one more thing will occur with every spin! Each time you participate in the wheel, the gods will reward you with Divine Mana. Fill the Divine Mana bar up to activate the double prize power. When active, your next spin of the wheel will pay out double!

How do I get Tyche Coins?

Much like other events, you can get more Tyche coins from completing actions in your city such as starting building or unit orders. You can also purchase more Tyche Coins for Gold!

What can I win?!
Aside from lots of awesome prizes on the wheel itself, there are some exciting and unique prizes available! Firstly, keep your eyes out for Divine Battle Strategy! This spell as you know increases the battle points you can earn. You'll also find great rewards like unit reinforcement spells for your favorite units, like Manticores!

But of course, a new event wouldn't be complete without a brand new reward, and with this we present you Soteria's Shrine!

Soteria's Shrine
The power of the shrine channels through your troops!
Defending units in this city are 0.7% more effective per level of this power.

This is an upgradable power, when you use it your selected city will get 1 level of this power. The maximum level is 10.

This power is permanent.*
*much like Ares' Rage, this spell is lost if the city is conquered.

We hope you enjoy this brand new event! Please don't forget to leave your feedback in our dedicated feedback thread, and report any bugs you find in our bugs forums!

Your Grepolis Team