Tyche's Wheel of Fortune Spring 2021

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team

Tyche makes her return to the world of Grepolis, but she didn't come empty handed! Welcome to Tyche's Wheel of Fortune! The event will run from May 18th to June 1st.

In this event, the gods have smiled down on your festivities within your city, and as a reward, Tyche has arrived in your city to spin her wheel of fortune. Tyche hasn't come alone, though! She brings with her the greatest illustrators from all across Greece, who will paint a magnificent canvas to immortalize your city's festivities.

More information about the mechanics of the event and it's special rewards can be found on our wiki.

Don't forget, with each spin of the wheel, your illustrators will be inspired, and complete another section of the grand prize canvas. Once a canvas is done, you'll be rewarded with the Grand Prize! As with last time, keep your eye out for the coveted Soteria's Shrine spell, and boost your defenses!

We hope you enjoy this event! Please don't forget to leave your feedback in our dedicated feedback thread!

Your Grepolis Team