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    [jumpfrom]Table[/jumpfrom]Table Of Contents:
    [jumpto=Reputation]1 - Reputation[/jumpto]
    [jumpto=BBCodes]2 - BBCodes[/jumpto]
    [jumpto=SecretBBCodes]2.1 - Secret BBCodes[/jumpto]
    [jumpto=Posting New Threads]3 - Posting New Thread[/jumpto]
    [jumpto=Forum Sections]3.1 - Forum Sections[/jumpto]

    [jumpfrom]Reputation[/jumpfrom]Part One - Reputation:

    Image By: [user]Lawpaok[/user]
    By: [user]Jaustralis[/user]

    Considering the amount of questions concerning Reputation that have popped up along the line, I thought a quick Guide on reputation could be usful for everyone (And [user]Carf[/user] suggested it!)

    What Is Rep!?
    Reputation, commonly known as Rep is a way to leave positive or negative comments about a post. It's the easiest way to tell how usful and well 'reputed' a user is! It shows the general consensus of a user, from all users who chose to take part in the reputation system.

    The Guide
    A first photo


    How to effect Reputation
    To effect someones Rep, click on this button:

    Clicking on a button should bring up a screen like this:

    Remember: The more reputation you have, the more you effect their reputation!

    How To See Reputation!
    To see the Reputation given to you, click on the button USER CP in the Top-Right Hand corner

    Within it, you'll find this:

    Positive Rep [​IMG]This Is Good!

    Neutral Rep [​IMG] This means that someone with Negative Rep is trying to Rep you. It has no effect on your Rep.

    Negative Rep [​IMG] This is bad!

    [jumpfrom]BBCodes[/jumpfrom]Part 2 - BBCodes
    By: [user]jarpenguin[/user]

    Code: [noparse] [/noparse]
    Description: Makes text larger to emphasize a word or phrase.
    Example: Penguin

    Code: [noparse] [/noparse]
    Description: Italicizes (Slants) text. Sometimes used to show sarcasm.
    Example: Penguin

    Code: [noparse] [/noparse]
    Description: Underlines text. Meant to emphasize a word or phrase.
    Example: Penguin

    Code: [noparse] [/noparse]
    Description: Strikes a line through a word or phrase. Used to display sarcasm. Ex: (Penguins is a bad alliance) Penguins are so awesome
    Example: Penguin

    Code: [noparse][FONT="_____"] [/FONT][/noparse]
    Description: Changes text within the BBCode to a different font.
    Example ("Comic Sans MS" Font)Penguin

    Code: [COLOR="_____"] [/COLOR]
    Description: Changes text within the BBCode to a different font.
    Example: ("DarkGreen" Color) Penguin

    Code: [noparse][/noparse] or for a specific post:
    Description: Puts a word or phrase said by another member into a "quote" box.

    Code: [noparse][/noparse]
    Description: Puts phrases/words into bullets. For a new bullet use the [*] BBCode (Not replaced with /)
    • Penguin

    Size Adjustment:
    Code: [noparse][SIZE="__"][/SIZE][/noparse
    Description: Changes size of letters inside BBCode.
    Examples: Smallest - Largest

    Code: [noparse][/noparse]
    Description: Posts an image. Please Follow Forum Rules! Maximum size is 640 by 640 pixels. No animated images are allowed.
    Example: [​IMG]

    [jumpfrom]SecretBBCodes[/jumpfrom]"Secret" BBCodes

    Link To User:
    Code: [noparse][user]<Insert Name Here>[/user][/noparse]
    Description: Links you to a forum member's profile.
    Example: [user]Jarpenguin[/user]

    Code: [noparse][/noparse]
    Description: Puts text or image into a "spoiler"
    PENGUINS :eek:

    Code: Search ALL Forums - [noparse][search][/search][/noparse] Search Particular Forum - [noparse][search=<Insert Forum Number Here][/search][/noparse]
    Description: Links you to a search of either a particular forum or just the forums in general.
    Example: [search]Penguin[/search]

    Code: [noparse][jumpto=<Insert Anything>]<Random Thing>[/jumpto][/noparse] and [noparse][jumpfrom]<Insert same thing>[/jumpfrom][/noparse]
    Description: This is one of the most unused BBCodes I've found yet. They're very interesting actually. Okay, there is an example in my "Table of Contents". Now this is how it works: 1. You put in the Jumpto as pictured above. 2. You put in the jumpfrom BBCodes wherever you want the ending location to be. 3. When you click the Jumpto link, it will put you onto whatever part of the thread that the jumpfrom bbcodes are!
    Example: (This will link you to the top of the page) [jumpto=Table]Table o' Contents[/jumpto]

    [jumpfrom]Posting New Threads[/jumpfrom]Part 3 - Posting New Topics

    By: [user]Jarpenguin[/user]

    [jumpfrom]Forum Sections[/jumpfrom]Sections:
    In order to become a respected member of the forums you should post new topics in the correct sections :) You don't want your first reply to be: "omg rong section!!111!" Here is a list of all of the Forums and what to put in each :)

    Only accessible by Administrators such as our humble Queen.

    Bug Reporting: Pretty self-explanatory here. This is the forum where you report bugs such as: Server Lag, Timing Mishap, etc. This is NOT a place for questions :p

    This section is pretty much for General Game Discussion. This includes topics such as: How do you feel about update 2.0? What is your favorite troop unit? This is for discussions ONLY about grepolis...

    Do NOT create a new thread in this topic unless directed to by a Moderator. This is where grepolis forum competitions are held. They are currently run by [user]Eclipse[/user] we usually hold one at least once a month.

    Questions and Guides:
    Questions - For asking questions about in-game. Threads include but are not limited to: "How do I send an attack?" "What is the max senate level you can have" etc.
    Guides - This subcategory is only for making guides. Do not post here unless posting a guide about in-game. Threads include: "Ultimate Leadership Guide"
    Guide Discussion - This subcategory is where you can discuss finished guides. [user]Priscilla[/user] will create threads. You should not create one for yourself.

    Post your ideas about grepolis :) If you think that you have a very good idea that can be implemented into the game please share it with us. Always FORMAT your idea, I get annoyed seeing "omg format!!1!1" Format is found here

    Graphics and Media:
    This is for Graphics. Ex: Signatures, pictures, etc. If you wish to contribute your images then make a thread here :) Also, there are some great guides on how to edit images so check those out before trying to edit :) Examples: "Jarpenguin's Sig Shop" "Can someone make meh a siggeh?"

    Debate and Discussion:
    This forum is mainly for Debate on NON-Grepolis related topics. Examples: "Gulf Oil Spill" "Omg <Insert Politician Here> Is So Stoopid"

    This is for offtopic discussion and games. Examples: "Last Message Written Wins 7000009" "I haz teh top post count on teh forums!!!111"

    Community Projects:
    Get scripts approved. Discuss scripts and other community projects. Example: "Approved Scripts"

    World Forums:
    This is for WORLD specific discussion, only about that specific world. Discuss world politics and battles here. Examples: "PnP: Penguinz Have Been Pwned" or "REAL MADRID ELITE SPARTA declares war on SPARTAN PHALANX OF ZEUS"

    World Alliance Forums:
    Specifically made for alliances to advertise recruitment...

    This is a place for old or unused threads. You cannot post or make threads in this section.
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    Ultimate Guide To The Forums - Continued

    Advice On Making Threads:
    • Do NOT write in all caps. It annoys a lot of the users.
    • Always check your thread for spelling/grammar errors so that others can clearly understand it.
    • Read and follow the Forum Rules before posting a new topic.
    • Always search before you make a thread. Your thread could just be a repeat of something that someone else already wrote.
    • Don't overuse smilies. They're okay every once in a while however they can distract from the purpose of the thread if overused.

    Here is an example of a bad thread:

    Please, do yourself a favor and NEVER make a thread like that :p

    PART 4 - FAQ

    How can I become a mod? If your posts are good and you are known moderately well, the current administrators will take notice and may think of hiring you. Remember that you need to be 16 Years Old to become a Forum Moderator and 18 Years Old to become an InGame Moderator

    If my infractions expire what will happen? You will lose a "point". One Point = One Infraction Ten Points = Banhammer. Therefore, if four infractions build up without expiring you will be banned.

    If you have any Questions/Comments/Concern/Suggestions please PM me :)

    Copyright Jarpenguin Industries 2010

    Any usage or violation of this guide without written consent from Jarpenguin and or coworkers is punishable by law.

    First Offense: 200 Dollars
    Second Offense: You must give meh a gallon o' milk
    Third Offense: Death by fie

    Please be aware that the punishments may change/be changed per request from Jarpenguin and or coworkers.

    Results may vary.
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