Unable the play Sparta vs Hades

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
For issues like this it's usually either a cache issue or a browser zoom issue. You can try clearing your cache and refreshing the game to see if this clears up the display issue as well as trying to adjust your zoom as mentioned above.


Sounds like you need a hard drive format, probably keep you offline a couple days. Don't worry though, we will watch your cities for you.


I think I have given up on this event, tried everything already, 25% zoom to 400% zoom, etc., nothing works ='[

Contacted the support team, they weren't able to help me out and stopped responding to me lol

Got all these troops, permanently stuck on Battleground 1, still can't click the Attack button no matter what.
Ah, it's been like idk 7-9 days, I give up. Visual bug, attack button blocked bug, dunno. This is really a thing on my end, that's what it looks like -_-
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This is a long shot but open your battle field, click the troops you want to send to battle starting from left to right. Once that is done watch the screen closely and see if you can tab button through the features down to the attack button