Uncle James' After Action Report and Deconfliction Hotline


Wow what a ride!

This has been a long time coming for me and some of my members, so please indulge me one last thread on here before we pack up the paper sky.

For those that don't know me, I'm James. I've run True Fear for many years, and altho we have won dom servers before this is our first WW victory. I have a quick list of prepared statements here somewhere (fumbles thru coat pocket):

I would like to thank first and foremost my leadership and Herc team. They went without food and sleep for long stretches of time, and when they wanted to quit they pressed even harder: Stan, Sput, Mike, LG, UTE, Unc, Sam, Cursor, so many more I cant name you all...seemed like everyone was mining favor or throwing swords.

I want to also thank the rest of the team: everyone followed directions completely, pivoting on command with little or no warning. You all made an amazing machine. I love you all. Next server is just for fun.

I also want to thank all the past iterations of True Fear, each of which helped to build what we are now: RX, Pat, Antz, GDX, Monk, AoK...we love you and can't wait to see you back!

To Aliens: It was a very close race (in a way). Maybe you guys took in too many gross Epic players? LOL Just saying. Also, not sure who was running your wonders outfit, but many of the decisions you guys made left us scratching our heads. I'm sure it made sense at the time! If you wanna compare numbers we are always around to chat.

To Alpha/Omega: Sorry guys I have felt your pain before in detail. I also have been a smaller alliance that made a great run to level 9 only to be beaten last minute by a much bigger team...oh wait WE were the smaller alliance here. LOL Never mind.

To Freedom Fighters: First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me. That's not how I operate. True Fear is now a Shanks Free Zone, enforced by blocking and fines.

To Endurance: You're name is well earned my friends. Out of all these teams here you alone fought a a major war against a much larger opponent and not only managed to fall back and hold together, you laid seven wonder foundations. Good on you.

True Fear is one of the few legacy teams still operating, and one of the best teams playing grepo right now. Anyone that doubts that and wants to come get some is free to come take the Pepsi challenge. I invite you to try.

Once again thanks for your time and your attention! I will be seeing you all again soon!

With All Respect,


Love your crazy *** James. You know I'll ride with you until the wheels fall off. Never have I regretted joining True Fear and I'm so glad that we pulled this one out. Number one reason to see the absolute joy it brought some of our older members.

To Aliens you guys fought a hard battle and kept me and my fellow Herc players up for many sleepless nights. Too Angels and Omega you guys fought hard and almost pulled them off making the world a lot more interesting.

This one was a hell of a ride and one of the closer world's I've been a part of. Let's finish this one out in style and move onto the next.


New developments afoot…we just broke two Alien wonders in one day. Ouch! That’s gotta sting a bit.

Now then, Aliens, this whole thing is almost over… just give us everything else you have and then you can get outta here kids.


Omega did not have that temple long.

You didn't earn that temple you leached it.

Thieves get NOTHING!

And NOTHING will stand in our way.