Undead Pirates


Not your average alliance situated in ocean 48, not looking to recruit, not looking for pacts, just here to have a laugh :D

i've been on the block for some time, some of you might remember my random post a while back annoying the Pathfinders into attacking me. Yeh was definitely a bad idea as they wooped my backside lol. But happily they decided if they wiped me out completely life would get a tad boring so i'm still here :p

now some of my buddies have come to join me and we found a new alliance to annoy, in particular The SWARM, i've had a fun week back already earning plenty of DBp from some oh so lovely attacks, unescorted transports woot woot, and looks like my mischief has drawn much of their attention, 60+ hours attacks from ocean 45 rofl

Fought i'd post up here so all can hear of the amazing exploits of these pirates that just won't go away.


Oooo, I want to be an undead pirate! :)
I'm in Ocean 27 so I'm too far away at present. There are too few people who are here to have a laugh and not take things overly seriously, imo.


well you are pretty damn far away but you may be able to work your way down to me if your lucky and work hard on doing so :)

By the way we've changed the name to Pirates of Epsilon :p

The Mighty ZEUZ


wow this must be a old post but figured ide still say something even if it just was your nick name lol.