United Warriors!

J.n.c 93

Hello all,

I should have posted this some time ago but I don't really look at the Omi forums, only Eta. This is my alliance thread United Warriors.

We're mainly based in Ocean 76 as our home Ocean, our secondary Ocean would be Ocean 74. We're expanding at a good pace and plan on moving west to Ocean 66 looking for a fight to keep the game interesting ;) We're also currently ranked 19, our points & BP are on the rise and I see us rising through the ranks over the months.

We're a Non-MRA and only look for experienced, active & team players. We do not want slackers and we do not want refugees. We are all about Team-work and work together as United Warriors!

United Warriors leaders:

Founder - J.n.c 93
Co-Founder - DeathCount
Ocean 76 Leader - Eramo
Forum Mod - Humlegutten
Ocean 74 Leader - Cyromeus


We're only accepting active & willing players over 3k points either in Ocean 66, 74 or 76. Players must submit an decent application to any of the leaders. We don't want "Can I join please?" and we definitely do not want refugees hiding in our alliance either!


We're only making pacts with those who are committed to making a alliance/pact work with communication & fighting common wars together. Our diplomacy is very limited and we only make pacts if we need them. At the moment we have 2 but that's confidential ;)

Sorry if this was long, but I hoped you enjoyed reading :)

Kind regards,