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I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but here we go.

In the game of grepolis there are many ways to survive and thrive, of course.
Many different tactics can be employed by the individual / alliance to gain the advantage over an adversary.

At risk of starting an argument, i'd like to know what the community thinks are the most deplorable, lowest tactics commonly employed in-game and what are the most unsportsmanlike behaviours they have witnessed.

No player / alliance / world specific examples please.



You may discuss bots and cheating in general, but if I see any names, you will be infracted without warning. This is your one and only warning on this matter. No other verbal warnings will be given.
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All I see is a thread about common (and uncommon) tactics employed in the game?

The funny thing is I have probably employed all of the tactics that I moan about at some point or another, lol!

1. spam attacks (for gods sake send a CS already)
2. Siphoning BP when trying to break your siege on their simmers (go and get your own BP you prunes)
3. Attacking me in my offline times (surely you'd rather see the whites of my eyes when you try to take my city)

But I guess the truth is "all is fair in love and war"!


The most deplorable thing I have ever found someone do is sending nearly 30k ALU + LDU to a city under siege with thousands of LS incoming. All of us with biremes lost hundreds with little to no BP. That's the BP Siphoning mentioned above. It was brutal losing that many biremes and gaining no BP! At least we still saved the city :)

Besides that, spam attacks, offline attacking, use of spies, and propaganda are all part of the game I find. Some people use it; some don't. If the community finds it deplorable enough, they will be booted from the game. It is only natural course.

What I really hate are multi-accounters and botters because we've had to take over 60-100 cities, losing many to the enemy, because some large peep wanted to cheat. RUINERS


people who spam should not play, as above time the hell out your attacks n defence or send a cs just to see if you land like the rest of us humans with standards. car alarming too- get a conscience