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    Changelog 2.152

    Dear Community,

    On Wednesday November 29th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.152. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied.


    • Tyche's Calendar is getting a balancing update taking recent feedback about powerful rewards into consideration.
    • Changes to the user interface and in-game text target the understanding of Ritual effects and usability of spells from the original user interface.
    • To prevent potential undesirable clever use of game mechanics, beginners protection and non-attackable bans have been reworked. Beginner's protection is deactivated after engaging in PvP action and non-attackable bans show no effect on World Wonder islands.
    • Furthermore we fixed some potential issues with our e-mail validation process and a lot of bugs.
    New Features and Changes

    • Functionality of Tyche's Advent Calendar has been adjusted to balance the chance of getting specific items in accordance to their value.
      • Every wheel contains 6 specific items that can be selected by spinning the wheel.
      • Each item has a certain value, from regular to rare to very powerful. The chances of getting these items now scale with this value, giving more powerful items less of a chance of being obtained than regular ones.
      • These chances are highlighted through the background color of the respective item on the wheel. The brighter the glow, the smaller the chances of getting the respective item on the first spin.
      • After recent feedback, we came to the conclusion that powerful items should remain special and rare, thus they shouldn't have exactly the same chance of getting selected as other, less powerful items. This should also have a positive impact on the overall balancing of the game during the event.
    • The spells menu is now expanded to the right instead of overlapping crucial interface elements below the display for the currently selected God.
      • Previously, the spell menu would hide the hero selection, battle point and coin statistics and current unit count in the selected city in favor of displaying the spell menu.
      • Following our player's feedback, we have now moved the menu to the side, enabling all of these elements to be shown simultaneously.
    • Beginner's Protection has been reworked to be cancelled as soon as offensive action is taken in PvP context.
      • We aim to maintain a solid protection at the beginning of new worlds and for new players but at the same time aspire for Beginner's Protection to become a less effective tool for veterans restarting on a game world.
      • As soon as either of the following actions are taken, players under Beginner's Protection will get a warning that they are about to lose their protection, asking them to confirm this before they can proceed:
        • Attacking another player
        • Spying on another player
        • Sending a colony ship to another player's town
        • Sending a colony ship to a ghost town
        • Using any of the following spells: Lightning Bolt, Zeus' Rage, Earthquake, Sea Storm, Plague
      • As soon as Beginner's Protection is forfeited by using any of these actions, it cannot be regained unless players restart on the same game world.
    • Following recent changes to vacation mode and morale, non-attackable bans will not have any effects on cities on world wonder islands, seeing as they could lead to blocking situations on the respective island.
    • The descriptions of Ritual effects have been rephrased again, to make it clearer that the respective spells must be cast by the player activating the effect.

    • Siege - After destroying a colony ship and subsequently breaking a siege, the window warning you that your city is being conquered didn't always disappear.
    • Barracks - The tooltip displayed while hovering the cancellation button for unit recruitment had a line break splitting reimbursement values into two lines.
    • Farming Villages - Disclaimer banner informing about speicifc level requirements could not be displayed properly if text length required 3 lines. Text was cut.
    • Population reference - Tooltips displaying the required population from a Reinforcement bonus effect did not take Democritus' ability to double the effect duration and thus population into consideration.
    • Daily Login Bonus - Fixed an issue causing the login bonus to reset after switching time to Daylight Saving.
    • Island Quests - Expiration times and timers for awaiting decisions did not update properly.
    • World Wonders - Under certain conditions, it was possible that a wonder did not lose a level when one of the cities would turn into a ghost town.
    • Luxury Residence - After switching to daylight saving time, luxury residence did not update the timing properly, causing the effect to be applied at 23:00. Unfortunately the fix will only work for bonuses enabled after version 2.152. Players with Luxury Residence duration activated before this update will have to have the heroes ready by 23:00 until the effect runs out and is re-applied at a later point in time.
    • Notifications - When opening the spell menu, notifications were displayed too far to the left, obstructing the view on other game elements.
    • Conquests - Some conquest reports went missing once the conquest was ending, lacking to inform the conquering player.
    • City List - With the Administrator active, the city list sometimes could not be opened due to a general error.
    • Alliance Profile - Under certain circumstances, member lists and profile texts would not get loaded properly.
    • Map - Some states were not updated properly on the world map, causing e.g. beginner's protection to still be displayed even after the map should have been updated.
    • Daily Login Bonus - A general error could lead to the daily login bonus button not responding properly.
    • Command list - Scroll bar caused the cancel button to cover town names and movement times.

    Important information

    • We have worked the way our e-mail validation system works to provide more security for accounts and prevent search engines from indexing validation links if they were ever posted online.
      • Validation links can only be used once. Every subsequent use will result in an error.
      • Validation links now expire after 7 days if they have not been used. Please remove any bookmarks using these links.
      • Validation links posted on external websites will no longer be indexed by search engines.
    • IMPORTANT: In case you ever posted your validation link somewhere on the internet, please change your password immediately and pay special attention to any e-mails received informing you about changes to your account. Should you find irregularities, contact us immediately for further assistance.

    We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team