Update to Version 2.190 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'The Acropolis' started by Baudin Toolan, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    On Wednesday the game will be updated to version 2.190. Feel free to post any feedback or questions in this thread.

    Changelog 2.190

    Dear Community,

    On Wednesday June 12th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.190. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied.


    In this update, we've made some changes to easily show trades from the Premium Exchange in the reports and notification section. We've also fixed some bugs!
    New Features and Changes

    • We've added trade activity to World Wonders and the Gold Exchange to the Trade tab in reports, making it easy to check!


    • We also added notifications in the bottom corner for Trades to the Gold Exchange and World Wonders so you know when these are delivered!



    • Double clicking on the Strategic Map will no longer cause the map to zoom in when you have windows such as trade or commands open. This issue reoccurred after we fixed it in a previous update.
    • Now you will always be able to create an alliance on Mobile.
    • Some text in the tutorial was corrected to say Marketplace instead of Warehouse.

    We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team

  2. curadh

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    Jun 17, 2013
    It is now 6 days since this update was applied, but all the issues it caused have still not yet been corrected. I know these are not cash generating changes (which I am cdertain would have been very quickly fixed) but they do cause important problems for players.and must take priority over yet another cash cow event that is due next week. You want players money then you need to deliver a game that players feel worth paying for, at the moment you are falling far short of doing this