Update to Version 2.204 Discussion Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
On Wednesday the game will be updated to version 2.204. Feel free to post any questions or feedback in this thread.

Changelog 2.204

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, January 8th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.204. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied.


With this update the team wrapped up the end of 2019 with more work in the background on the upcoming new content which we'll bring you in 2020! We also fixed some small bugs.


  • The description of 'Last man standing' award has been fixed.
  • The 'Pact events' tab in the Alliance window should now always open correctly.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team