Update to Version 2.219

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Changelog 2.219

Dear Community,

On Wednesday August 5th Grepolis will be updated to version 2.219. As always there will be a short downtime while the update is applied.

New Features and Changes

  • We're changing the way restarting works:
    • If the first restart is within 24 hours of the town's creation, it can be done immediately without any additional cooldown. The deletion of the original city is automatic.
    • Every restart after the first has a 5 day cooldown, meaning if a player restarts, they have to wait 5 days before they can restart again.
    • Additionally, after changing the email address associated to a game account, players have to wait 5 days before you can restart again.
    • These changes do not affect players who restart due to losing their last city, and only work on restarts initiated by the player via settings
  • Spy reports will now show which god is worshiped in the city too.
  • We've added the possibility to delete multiple posts at once in the alliance forums (providing you have the right to delete posts).
  • For Olympus worlds, when a siege is ongoing on a temple, we've adjusted how the besieger and alliances can interact with the incoming commands:
    • The player besieging the temple can cast spells on incoming enemy commands to the temple.
    • Players supporting the siege cannot cast spells on incoming commands to the temple.
    • For clarity, once a temple is owned, any player in the alliance who owns the temple can cast spells on incoming commands.


  • We have adjusted the formatting the commands timers in the command overview.
  • Links to farming villages within the Farming Village overview will now work correctly in all cases.
  • The name of the alliance conquering temple will be now correct for pacted alliance reports.

* Found on beta, did not occur on live worlds.

We hope you enjoy the update and would love to hear any feedback you have here.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team