Update to version 2.263


Grepolis Team
Dear Community,

On Tuesday 24th May the game will be updated to version 2.263. Please note this is Tuesday not Wednesday due to a German holiday on 26th

User Story Improvements

  • Divine Trial Event: Several improvements for the new 1-week event were added.


  • We fixed an issue where the scrollbar in the crafting event was broken for daily ranking.
  • Fixed a bug where the World Wonder Start time differed by 24 hours on app/browser.
  • Adjusted a notification text when leaving an alliance during World Wonder era.
  • Fixed an issue where an error was showing in JS console, when user opened the culture overview and started festivities.
  • Fixed bug where the alliance forum could not be maximised anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where the report window opened more to the right compared to other windows.
  • Fixed a bug were some resources disappeared after unassigning a hero.


We welcome your feedback. Please click here for our discussion page.

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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