Update to version 2.38 Discussion Thread

Hasan Naqvi

The Grepolis alarm used to be a banned script, but we haven't been banning for its use since it was decided to add the incoming attack sounds for all players. The reason the script was banned is because it gives the users an unfair advantage over those not using the script. There is no unfair advantage if everyone has it.
just no one changed the forbidden list so far.As for the claim about unfair advantage, i find it absurb. EACH scripts gives an advantage! I thought they were trying to increase aggressiveness, but again a feature to favor defense!
I do not like a new change in Agora, the message on the top makes it busy, eyes cannot rest on nice icons, though it is for long time disfunctional, as entire Agora window is not to be moved down. It covers the functions on the top bar.
I.e. if I want to go by arrow from one city to another in Agora window, in order to check quickly where can I start festivals, and I do have 60 cities now, it is absolutely unbearable that every time I want to see upper bar I have to remove this window because I cannot bring the window down, as a result of lack of view and accessibility to the mini tabs below a main bar, yet you decided to put on its top the info every player knows - what for?
Also, I wished the computer would be thought that if I did something it would be left there where I needed it last time and not jumping every time to the position the programmers want, this is annoying a lot!
Please ask other players what they want, if you do not consult and just go with your plans ahead I want to point at the fact that players like myself spend here several hours a day/night. It is a little bit too much for me to adjust windows hundreds times a day in order to get it right.
thank you for reading, and more thanks if you can just fix it.
I do have a request, can we get a separate sound settings for envelope which I want to hear the messages coming and switching off the background monotone music? Please?????
Agree with others regarding the Harbour/Barracks build window in Chrome and the automatic downsizing of the menu bar when opening browser or refreshing, these issues have been with us since the last update, are very visible and annoying yet there is no mention of them in this upgrade.

May I suggest that if you are still working on sorting out bugs and they are not yet ready for the next available upgrade you could put a short statement at the bottom of each update telling us what other bugs you are working on, this may also have the advantage of reducing the number of tickets you get if we know in advance you are trying your best to sort an issue out.
well said! I am with you 100%


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