Hey everyone, I got rimmed a while back on this server, and have fallen behind on checking updates here. With WW ending on Idalium, I am looking for places to go, and Im thinking about giving it another shot here. What would you recomend? How is the server going? And most importantly, What did I miss?


i dont know where to start but basically the world started and CheckMate (CM) dominated (o55), i guess u witnessed this, only to last 2 months before most moved on to nysa and the alliance was dissolved. the pieces fell mostly to SPQR, who where dominating in o56, after a very successful run against rising tide (now phoenix an spqr academy). a splintercell of the survivers of CM left SPQR and formed Pitbulls.

Lost souls and lost souls II dominate o45 and good pressence in o55. grim sleepers (o65) are the only other alliance that was in the top12 in the first 2 weeks that are still there. (cant tell you more about those guys since bb didnt debrief me on them)

knights (o34), requiem (o35), honour(o43), lost souls and pitbulls have a coalition thing going on against B.D. Legion (o44,o54), who since yesterday are toping most charts.

hmmm... what else, oh yeah wargasm(o54) another alliance that was there from the offing, still plowing through, lost a couple of top players to pitbulls recently.

im trying to be neutral and list facts only. if i forgot to mention an alliance then forgive me but big brother(bb) doesnt tell me everything.

top 15 alliances (may be out dated)