Upsilon- A dying world?


hey upsilon is the biggest world on grepolis with nearl 75,000 compared to worlds such as eta theta nu mu ie there somtimes 10x bigger

Sapphire Sorrows

That's the spirit :)

I'm glad to see some positiveness for once. So as it's not dying, or dead, perhaps an emergency operation can revitalize the forums aswell?



My ocean is dying because an alliance is trying to force everyone out of Grepolis and they're hog headed barbarians.

I think I may stop Grepolis after I get conquered, for uniting the alliances to stop them is hopeless at this point and I don't want to make another alliance that will suffer like that again.

Ocean 37 is just plagued, the barbarians believe it is theirs, and not anybody else's while I and the S.P.Q.R believe it is to be shared with other players.

I've been ready for war since my first day as all my resources goes towards Wall, Academy, Harbor, troops. Thus making Athens.

Man I don't know what to do in this horrible situation.
My allies are no where near ready while I've always been aggressive and just want to end war. But the Barbarians ruined the peace.
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Its the same with O34 Because Shadow Guards Got Big Headed and started Conquering Everyong who Stood Up To their Bullying


No one has stood up to us :S The only one even attacking back is some member in DP (Shadow, who we didn't even attack *sob sob*), and he's just another guy they recruited to do the fighting for them. Pathetic server...


I know Why so many worlds are going down now ... It's grepolis are opening too many worlds ...


i had 3000 points and was trusting one of your members (riri21


I do hate it when alliances start bullying.
Same with players.
They ruin everything :/
But you do need a military, and this is why I encourage my allies to have focus on military and not building. Thus why my rank goes down every day: resources go to military... omg... just realized that's what communists do and I'm not one =(
But I don't want to fall: safety first, luxury last.


Drastically Decreased Pop!

To the subject of Ups dying:
Ups player pop has decrease over 42% in 15 days.

I would say that Ups isn't dying it's just depopulating a bit.
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<--- Premium player hate me for I play a work which in turn gives me money to do what I want with it.

I like this server quite a bit.... The best way to enjoy this server is to join an alliance that's in a war with another alliance around the same size or a tad bigger. It really fuels the slow days because all it takes is a few LS at another city and you got a Jerry Springer show. If you are being bullied by an alliance jump in their enemies or stack up your defense and expand the slower but more guaranteed way. The server isn't so much as dying but people are playing wrong and alliance jumping which in turn creates their demise. The tutorials and guides only teach you so much and to the new players its a bummer finding out too late.

Just a side note I bully everyone in my ocean..... that is kind of the point of the game.... Having full control of your ocean is a need when Wonders start. I see too many people just sitting and chilling at 2-8k cities and get mad when I take it because I'm more active and it's a possible threat if per say another alliance were to take it later on. Grepolis is almost like a job if you don't show much motivation 1 you won't be intimidating and 2 your an easier target for someone that is actively motivated.
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better than others

well i been playing another game similar to this the last 4 years and finally retired for good at beg of august.

it is all the same....

you get your people who complain after every update about the lure to premium

you get the people bitching about the server dying/why open another one

you get people who think this is a modern day school fair and everyone should get a "participant" ribbon instead of nothing for 44th out of 50 people...

you get the core actives having fun, participating in chat, and as our moderator said - that is really what makes the game.

And personally, I enjoy the last group of people, conquering cities and ending the game for certain people in my area....if they really want to try again - join back into a fringe ocean, build yourself up and get into a good alliance....and try to come get some revenge on me! :cool:

or...move onto the next server and play groundhog day! :p

either always...

Have Fun!


I wouldn't say it's dying, there's some interesting wars going on :p


i am lozman

the best war

shadow guards vs drunken pacifists

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